5 Affirmations I Use Every Day For A Blissful, Stress-Free Pregnancy

Written by Suki Eleuterio

I still remember the day I found out I was pregnant. It was a frigid day in New York City and the yellow taxi cabs were whizzing by on the streets outside. In a small hotel room, I was staring down at my shaking hand holding the pregnancy test. Even before the second line turned blue, I already knew. Today was the beginning of a whole new chapter of my life.

"Blissful" would not be a word I would use to describe the first few months of pregnancy. In fact, I would describe those months as sickly and terrifying. The morning sickness and nausea were constant, I barely ate, I was exhausted all the time and since I wasn't really gaining much weight, everyone thought I was just being lazy and grouchy. Hey, it takes a lot to create a human! Take it easy on me!

But the worst part of those months was the constant fear and anxiety. It began with the worry that I would lose the baby: I had friends and loved ones who had lost their first child in the early months and I lived in a constant fear of "is it my turn next?"

When I wasn't worrying about pregnancy loss, I was worrying about becoming a mother. Was I really ready? Would I know what to do? What would the labor be like? What if something went wrong? The anxiety would build and build, until I found it hard to breath.

Over the years I have always found comfort in repetitive words and sounds. One of my favorite authors, Louise Hay, opened a new door for me when I began the practice of daily affirmations. I found them healing and grounding.

But when it came to pregnancy affirmations, there didn't seem to be much of a collection. So I made a few up myself and started practicing at least one affirmation a day.

The affirmations I'm sharing here have helped me to release the old, welcome the new, and surround myself with positivity as my baby grows.

1. My baby is healthy, beautiful, and strong.

It's easy for many women to get caught up in the thinking that "something is wrong." While you should always be on the lookout for red flags, it's also important to tell yourself, "everything is right."

2. I honor my body exactly as it is.

Your body is going to change. You are not the person you once were. But instead of focusing on the flaws or beating yourself up because you've gained weight, honor your body as a beautiful vessel that is making room for a new soul.

Motherhood is one of the most selfless acts you can do in this life, and you should thank your body for shifting to accommodate for this blessing.

3. I only allow positive energy in my home.

Your home is your sanctuary. As you get further along in your pregnancy, you'll start to clear your home and prepare it for a new little member. (Trust me, I have a severe case of nesting!)

But while most people think about disinfectants, they don't think about clearing the energy of your home. Beware of the kind of people and energy you are allowing in or the negative, toxic things you are allowing into your space. Personally, I found that the television was very toxic — especially shows that focused on death or destruction.

I instead focus on only allowing positivity around me, as I create a safe space for me, my family, and my child.

4. My connection to my baby grows stronger every day.

My uncle once told me that my baby had chosen me long before the child was even conceived. I thought this was beautiful. Ever since the first tiny symptoms of pregnancy, I've been spending my time bonding and talking to the baby.

People might think I'm crazy, but I fully believe your connection begins much earlier than the moment you hold the little child in your arms. Every day your connection grows stronger. Enjoy this time that you have your baby closest to your heart.

5. I will have a blissful, effortless birth filled with joy, laughter, and love.

Instead of focusing on how painful labor will be — I hear this from other women all the time and it only serves to make my anxiety worse — I'm focusing on how effortless and blissful my birthing experience will be. Just as they say with the law of attraction, you are what you are manifesting. So I am manifesting only the best of outcomes.

If you seek a certain type of birth, write it down and then read it to yourself as an affirmation. It will keep you feeling powerful instead of powerless.

As the months turn into weeks, I'm increasingly eager to meet the little soul that has been growing inside me. I'll continue my affirmations, dancing, yoga, eating healthy, and nurturing myself to keep positive and prepared for the big day. And I will not be letting anxiety stand in my way.

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