Lost Someone You Love? What Your Spirit Guides Want You To Know

Written by Melanie Jade Rummel

Death is the great unknown. Many people may try to avoid thinking about it, but as a medium who communicates with spirits, I think about death every single day.

One of the worst feelings we can have is believing that a loved one is gone forever. But what I’ve learned in my experience is that death is not the end — it is the transition to another phase of our spiritual journey. Believe it or not, even without a physical body, we continue learning and growing.

Your deceased loved ones are now living in spirit, full of life and personality. From communicating with so many loving spirits over the years, I’ve learned that there are three key messages your loved ones in spirit want you to know.

1. They are OK.

The most important thing your loved ones in spirit want you to know is that they are OK. They are free from physical pain and discomfort. Spirits who had difficulty walking or moving near the end of their physical life will often appear during a reading, dancing and jumping around to emphasize their newfound physical freedom.

Spirits who passed suddenly from a car accident or another unexpected event often show me that they came out of their body just before the event and watched it happen. They didn’t feel the physical pain. There’s often a sense of emotional detachment as well, as if they were watching it happen to someone else.

When someone takes their own life, it can be particularly difficult for their grieving family members. I have communicated with many spirits who chose to end their life, but they are all OK as well. They are met on the other side with love and compassion, and they continue learning and growing, just like everyone else.

2. They are still with you.

Your loved ones aren’t in a faraway place, lost forever. They are still here and available when you need them. It’s similar to being in separate rooms of the same house. You are focused on the activities in your room, and they are focused on the activities in theirs. However, if you called out to them, they would still be able to hear you and let you know they are with you.

You can speak aloud or in your mind to your loved ones, and they will hear you. You can ask them for encouragement or guidance, or simply express how you're feeling. When you do this, notice if you are aware of a response from them. It may come as a sense of knowing, or as a thought that pops into your mind. It may be subtle, but if you are open to the possibility, you may start to recognize their loving communication.

3. They can send you signs.

If you want extra reassurance that your loved ones are near, ask them to send you a sign. My husband’s grandfather passed many years ago, and when he is visiting, I’ll suddenly smell and taste cigar smoke. You might see your loved one out of the corner of your eye and suddenly feel their loving presence, or perhaps they'll appear to you in a dream. There are many ways to receive a sign, so when you ask for one, be open to how it may come to you.

How do you tell the difference between a sign and your imagination? I tell my clients that our brains process millions of images, sounds, and experiences every day, and it's possible that none of them stand out to us. If something suddenly stops you in your tracks and makes you think it’s a sign, it probably is.

Signs are always accompanied by a feeling of love and sense of knowing who the sign is from.

There is so much love, joy and compassion in the spiritual realm. Your loved ones in spirit are OK, they are still with you when you need them, and they will happily send you a sign when you ask for one. This knowledge won’t make your grief magically disappear. However, I hope it can be of some comfort and inspire you to learn a new way of communicating with your loved ones in spirit form.

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