5 Ways Your Intuition Can Lead You To Your Purpose

Written by Raquel Vasallo

Do you have this nagging feel that there is a piece (and perhaps a very important piece) missing in your life? Do you feel like you are not living according to your true purpose? Are you confused by what your purpose even is in the first place? Or perhaps you are searching, but feel like no matter where you search, you can't find the answer.

I know how frustrating this process can be because I tried "searching" for years and it simply didn't work. "Searching" for your purpose in the external tends to be a fruitless journey. What is keeping you stuck is that you are looking for answers on the outside, rather than recognizing what your inner guide is telling you.

This happens because you don't have the process or emotional vocabulary in place to trust your inner guide, which always has the answers.

I guarantee that once you begin to hear and connect with that guidance (and you will!), it will become an integral part of everything that you do. You begin to rely on it and start to feel confident with your choices and the next steps in fulfilling your soul's calling.

There is a system to make this happen. Here are five actionable steps to learn how to listen deeply and directly to your intuition, and to use it to discover your purpose.

1. Don't just meditate — be creative with your meditation practice!

Meditation is the #1 tool to help you get in touch with your inner guide. It's common sense: your mind needs to be freed from its usual chatter in order for you to tap into yourself and not only hear — but actively listen — to your intuition.

However, it is important to be creative as to how you go about cultivating a meditation practice, as formal sitting mediation doesn't work for everyone. Go for a walk, play a musical instrument, sing, jog, knit. It doesn't matter what you do, but make sure you find a meditative practice that allows you to feel mindful of the present moment, and aware of your thoughts.

The ultimate aimhere is to open your heart and your mind to your inner teacher. Because each of us has a powerful intuitive sense, everyone can be thought of as possessing an essentially spiritual nature. So own that, and tune into your higher, wiser self. Each time you meditate, you are tapping deeper into your soul — so you'll want to do this daily!

2. Have a "Q&A" with your Trusted Source.

Sit down and have a written Q&A with God, your Guides, the Universe, your Higher Self, it doesn't matter what you call it.

This is a 3 step process:

  1. Write a very specific question. You might ask "What is my purpose?" or "What is the next step in realizing my purpose?"
  2. Wait for the answer
  3. When it arrives, ask the next question. If it doesn't arrive, ask the question in a different way

At first you might think that you are making up the answers. But with some practice, you will soon realize that the ideas just flow. You will begin to see that words that you normally wouldn't use are coming to you. That's when you know your Source is to be trusted.

3. Start a daily practice of asking, praying, reaching out (whatever you want to call it).

In life, no matter what the context, you can't just ask for something once and expect to get all your questions answered. Like anything else you learn in your life, asking — and receiving — takes practice. So for starters, just get into to habit of asking for some kind of answer(s) every day. Summoning wisdom is quick, simple and effective! Why? It relies almost exclusively on your own process of getting in touch with what it is you want. By visualizing, you allow for the possibility to make your dreams manifest.

Tip: If you've been asking and not getting what you want, pay attention to your thoughts and words. You must be very specific and positive in what you are asking for. A limiting belief can, well, limit your experience. So keep your language expansive, hopeful and empowering.

4. Pay attention to the signs.

Many people believe answers come in a loud and clear voice, but that doesn't happen as often as the movies and other mainstream media suggest. Most of the time in life, messages are subtle. You might overhear a conversation between strangers that resonates with your recent thoughts. You may receive several emails from different sources that point you to the same book, course, website or mentor. You may keep repeatedly running into someone from your past. Pay attention to these potential signs, and trust their freight. Signs aren't just any old occurrence; they often come through as "coincidences" or synchronicities.

5. Keep an "Intuition Journal."

We receive intuitive messages all day long, but most of the time we are busy or distracted, so we don't pay attention.

Whatever you focus on in life will make its way into your experience. So if you want sharpen up your "divine downloads," you need to pay attention to what your trusted source and intuition are telling you. From there, you can make things happen. For instance, keeping a journal where you keep a daily record of intuitive messages and signs will help you receive more them more often and more accurately.

Above all, you must accept the overarching messages the universe is sending you, and take action accordingly. Of course, a common mistake is thinking that you are not getting any messages or you feel like you are not hearing your intuition. But what is actually going on is that you got a message and it wasn't what you were expecting, or you don't like it, so you dismissed it. Be aware of those defensive impulses, and challenge yourself to take action regardless of what your judgments, assumptions or expectations are telling you to do.

Do you need help discovering your purpose and trusting your intuition? You can set up a complimentary clarity session. I'd love to talk to you!

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