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4 Really Good Reasons Everyone Should Meditate

Jennifer Grace
Written by Jennifer Grace

So why the F%&* should we meditate, anyway?

How does sitting on the floor while your crazy obsessive thoughts run wild in your mind, have any benefit to you whatsoever?

If the idea of meditation sounds absurd to you, here's the thing:

The moment you give up trying to quiet your mind, reach enlightenment and become one with the universe, is when your first meditation breakthrough can actually occur. When you give yourself permission to stop trying to halt your thoughts altogether, and observe them instead, that's when magical things start to happen.

Becoming the detached observer of your thoughts helps the monkey-mind begin to slow down and suddenly, you find that quiet space between those thoughts.

THAT's meditation.

Whenever you give up fighting with something and artfully surrender, that's when real shift happens for the better.

So here are some benefits to sitting in silent meditation for just 10 minutes a day, that have nothing to do with peace, love or enlightenment:

1. Your obsessive thinking will subside.

When you take your mind to the "brain gym" every morning by meditating, you begin to become the master of your thoughts.

This translates to those evenings when you cannot sleep. If you are one to lay in bed at night with thoughts going around in your mind incessantly, strengthening the muscle of your mind can help quell those obsessive thoughts.

2. You'll respond mindfully, instead of reacting mindlessly.

If you are someone who reacts to life by flying off the handle and freaking out when things don't work out the way you had envisioned, meditation can help. Creating space between your thoughts during meditation, will cross over into your life by allowing you to pause and find that space again before reacting irrationally.

3. You will cultivate fearlessness.

Fearlessness is not the absence of fear, but is the presence of bravery.

It takes a lot of guts to sit in silence everyday. If you aren't living your purpose or you're in the wrong relationship and know it, when you get quiet and sit in meditation, it will all come up right smack in your face. Sitting with that takes serious courage, so you'll begin to cultivate fearlessness to deal with what is not working in your life.

Meditation helps you accept life as it is, so you can then shift it to where you want it to be.

4. You can begin to manifest your dreams.

In order to manifest and create your ideal reality, you need to be crystal clear with who you are and what you want. Meditation gives you an access to that clarity, which can in turn, can help you define what the next best steps on your path should be.

So maybe one day after meditating for years and years, you become enlightened and at one with the universe. But for now, quelling the crazy obsessive thinking, mastering your thoughts, responding instead of reacting and getting the clarity you need to manifest the life of your dreams, are all good enough reasons for me!

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Jennifer Grace
Jennifer Grace
Voted number #1 Life Coach in South Florida by New Times, Jennifer Grace is a Hay House author and...
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Voted number #1 Life Coach in South Florida by New Times, Jennifer...
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