A Simple Meditation To Help You Get Over A Broken Heart

Written by Vyda Bielkus

Most of us have been through a breakup at some point in our lives, and it hurts. It can leave us with lots of self-doubt, anxiety and stress. Whether you’ve been with your partner for one month or one year, a breakup is a tumultuous time and feelings can be raw.

To deal with the unsettling situation your mind begins to try to make sense of what happened. You'll find yourself making excuses to help answer that massive question: why? … You may find that you start telling yourself, “I’m not pretty/handsome enough,” or “I’m not thin enough,” or “I’m not successful enough”. These are all forms of judgment and can be released in a yoga class. Often we judge ourselves more harshly than anyone else – this is self-sabotage.

What if there was a place you could go to help you process all this incredibly tough stuff? There is!

Yoga is a practice that can support processing all these difficult feelings.

For instance, in yoga, we begin to notice our thoughts. These thoughts become words, words become behaviors, behaviors become habits and habits become values. In yoga, we choose to appreciate non-judgment. The first tenant of yoga is to do no harm. Passing judgment is harmful because that energy of criticism lives in you and affects you. Yoga can help you let go of that terrible self-sabotage that happens after a breakup.

Another important lesson we can learn from yoga after a breakup is how to let go, which offers freedom instead of pain. Letting go brings the power back to your court, which is extremely valuable to help mend a broken heart. After letting go, you can choose to react to your emotions from balance and the present moment, rather than from reactivity and thinking about the past. You can then use the extra energy from releasing these feeling other things, like having fun and moving forward.

Suffering a broken heart is never easy, but you must remember the heart is exponential. Yoga is a practice that can help you through a change by bringing attention to the growth of the soul, and heart and soul walk hand-in-hand, always. Plus, the sense of community as you practice with like-minded and positive people can sooth you during the healing period.

Help the heart mend old wounds and heal with this simple meditation:

1. Sit in an easy cross-legged position, with your spine tall.

2. Bring your hands in front of the center of your heart, with the base of your palms touching each other, the thumbs touching each other, and the pinkies touching each other (lotus mudra).

3. Bring your focus to the tip of your nose, or to the center space between your hands.

4. (Optional) Play a healing mantra while you meditate. One of my favorites is Gurunam Singh’s “Guru Ram Das." You can also just use your own breath to focus your meditation.

Good luck on your journey of healing! It will get easier!

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