How I Manifested The Partner, Job & Life I've Always Wanted

Sooner or later we all come to a point when we realize that some things in our life aren't going that well. Fifteen years ago, I suffered from depression, I had an eating disorder, I was co-dependent, and a bacteriophobe. Plus, I almost married a guy who wanted me to be a Stepford Wife.

Believe me, I know how exhausting it is to struggle without getting anywhere. I know how our limiting thoughts can stand between us and our happiness. Because at that time in my life, I felt totally stuck and powerless to change my situation.

But do you want to know what I learned? If we really want to change our life, we can. It's not a walk in the park, but it's possible. Today I'm a specialized nutritionist, mindfulness coach, and life vision stylist and I've managed to turn my life around. One of the key strategies I used (and still use!) is visualization.

This is how I turned from dreamer to go-getter:

1. I cut off the nasty little voice in my head.

I used to hear it every single day. The voice telling me that I was fat and not attractive enough, that I would never succeed, never work my way up, and never improve. This voice always made me focus on two things: Failure and disappointment.

And because I was so used to listening to it, that's exactly what I attracted: failure and disappointment.

I know it sounds funny, but this nasty little voice is often a lot more present in our lives than we think. It's looking right back at us from the blackhead we've just spotted in the mirror. It's laughing at us from our computer screens when we just seem unable to figure out how something works.

It's pointing fingers at us from magazine covers, shouting at us during meetings with bossy colleagues, and it's just mean when we're trying on new clothes see ourselves in the mirror!

I realized that if I wanted to get out of my own misery, tuning out this voice was the first thing I had to do. And I did so by religiously practicing self-love and meditation exercises every single day.

2. I visualized exactly who I wanted to be.

After managing to correct my negative self-image, I started to define goals.

  • What did I want in my life?
  • How did I want to feel?
  • How did I want to look?
  • Who did I want to be with?

I put everything on paper in great detail and divided my big goals into realistic short-term goals. I wrote my own meditation scripts, created my own worksheets, and improved my focus. Because what you visualize, you attract! (Just make sure you practice regularly and imagine that you already have what you want — that's the trick.)

3. I reaped the benefits of my new routines and took action.

After practicing my new skills every day for a few weeks, not only did my mindset change, but my actual reality started to transform.

So far I had:

  • Reduced my stress levels while boosting my ego and mood.
  • Gained clarity on what I wanted.
  • Strengthened my creative potential, which helped me define necessary action steps.

While I used to be stuck not knowing where to turn, always attracting troubled men and unhealthy friendships, I was now able to let go of relationships that didn't serve me. I consciously surrounded myself with people who made me feel good. Because I was oozing a different energy, I was inviting completely different people into my life. The man I've been with for the last 10 years, for example, is nothing like any other partner I've ever had: he loves and accepts me for who I am, he knows how to give and not just take, and he is positive and balanced.

By painting the life I wanted in the brightest colors, I realized I still had to:

  • Detox my body and mind.
  • Develop a mindful attitude (i.e. live in the present moment).
  • Accept setbacks and use them to fine-tune my goals.
  • Love myself unconditionally.

I know "visualization and manifestation" can sound a little woo-woo. But just like constant advertising makes us buy things we don't need, constant positive visualization helps us achieve things we really want! Today I have a life, a job, and a partner I love, and I couldn't be happier.

Again, no healing journey is a piece of cake. But through my transformation, I've learned that my mind is an incredibly powerful tool. And so is yours.

We've all got dreams. Let's go catch 'em together!

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