Why Your Emotional Hang-Ups Are Hurting Your Health

Instead of talking about lowering cholesterol and the benefits of exercise and diet (which are all true!), I want to focus on the non-physical aspects of heart health, namely the importance of living a heart-centered, heart-connected life. Understanding what this is, and learning tools to actually do it, will help you feel happier and navigate life’s bumps that are guaranteed to come your way.

The heart is a place where we hold lots of emotion. Have you ever noticed that when you're anxious or worried, you can feel a knot right in the middle of your chest? Or if you're sad or blue, your heart feels very heavy? Alternatively, when you are very happy, you feel a wonderful sense of lightness and spaciousness?

It’s normal to have, and actually feel the emotion in your heart, but problems can arise if those emotions get stuck there.

How do stuck emotions cause a problem?

The energy of your emotions can actually translate into physical symptoms that are very real, something we know from research in mind-body medicine.

These stuck emotions can color your view of everything going on in your life, and actually influence all of your decisions without your consciously knowing it.

What can you do about it?

First, you must find a way to connect to your heart and bring attention to what's going on in there. What are you feeling right now? You can do this by learning mind-body techniques, especially guided imagery and all forms of meditation.

Developing a practice of one of these techniques gives you a way to look inside, and when you shine awareness on and into your heart, it will open and reveal your truest feelings and emotions. This light of awareness is often all you need to transform it; to move it out so it isn’t stuck anymore.

Why is this good for you?

Moving the stuck emotion from your heart will be good not only for your stress, but also for your physical and emotional health. But another very important benefit is that connecting to your heart will enable you to tap into how you truly feel in the moment, giving you the best compass for navigating all that life throws at you every day.

This is the vehicle for personal transformation: the ability to know thyself and direct your self on the path to happiness, because this is what we all deserve.

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