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5 Affirmations To Inspire Positivity Every Day

Jo Beth Richards
Written by Jo Beth Richards

Each morning that we wake up is a new opportunity to begin again, to shift, to grow. But sometimes we forget that we greet the day with frustration or trepidation.

Maybe you’ve been in a slump lately or have had some rough days, but it isn’t impossible to turn it around. The mind is a powerful thing, and when it's positive, it's unstoppable. Begin each day with positivity and amazing things can blossom!

Here are five essential affirmations to use every day:

1. This day is here for a reason.

How often do you find yourself just going through the motions? Today you are here for a reason. It may not be earth shattering, it may be subtle, but it’s there. So instead of greeting today just like any other, greet each new day with the verve of knowing you are on this planet, today, for a brilliant reason!

2. I am prepared for whatever greets me today.

Not all days are going to be the best. But YOU are the best, and you have all the strength you'll ever need. So no matter what comes, KNOW that you can meet it head on. Put on those big girl (boy) panties and greet the world with gusto!

3. Today I will find gratitude.

It isn’t those who have more that are happier, but those who are more thankful. Find something each day to be grateful for, and your life, heart and spirit will shift to a more joyful place.

4. I am worthy every day.

No matter what happened yesterday, today is here and yesterday is gone. Don’t let yesterday’s shadows haunt you. Know that no matter what mistakes you’ve made, you are still worthy of all love and joy. By telling yourself this every day, you'll begin to hold yourself to a higher standard, and the universe will meet you there with the bounty!

5. Today is MY day.

Sometimes we forget that life is ours to create. Every day is yours; you own it, so make it what you like! There are responsibilities that we have to take care of daily, but by viewing them as yours and your choice, you can shift from "have to" to "want to."

Start each day by telling yourself it's yours to create and you will begin each moment with more openness.

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