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Make Any Salad Taste Great With This Avocado & Lemon Dressing

Having a delicious homemade dressing (or two) on hand in your refrigerator is one of the tricks to getting a meal on the table fast without...

Silvia Bianco
March 18 2014

The 7 Things I Did To Lose 220 Pounds Without Dieting

Back in 2001 I weighed more than 400 pounds. I tried every diet I could think of to lose weight. I even worked face to face with the late Dr. Atkins...

Jon Gabriel
December 31 2013

How To Make Sure You're Eating High-Vibrational Food

The ancient Greeks introduced the world to the concept of energy and its effects on humans, animals, plants and health. We're all connected...

Maria Benardis
December 17 2013

Watercress Avocado Salad You Can Make In A Jiffy

I have to confess, I knew nothing of watercress. Nothing, that is, until my daughter-in-law Yany starting bringing over bowls of a delicious salad....

Joel Kahn, M.D.
November 29 2013

Vegan Recipe: Fresh Coconut & Blueberry Salad

This Fresh Coconut Blueberry Salad is refreshing and loaded with superfoods. Have it for breakfast or dessert or bring it to a party for a fun,...

Meredith Flittner
September 2 2013

Yes, You Should Be Eating Greens For Breakfast!

Who says you can’t have salad for breakfast? While staying at a friend’s house recently, I woke up to a classic breakfast feast of pancakes, bagels,...

Tamara Jacobi
August 26 2013

Deliciously Good For You Energy Salad

I recently spent the most amazing and healthiest vacation of my life at Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa Resort in Koh Samui, Thailand. 

Jennifer Jarrett
May 8 2013

3 Types Of Gluten-Free

Even though the phrase "gluten-free" is everywhere, some doctors still don't test for a predisposition to Celiac unless the patient requests a blood...

Celia Kaye
January 12 2013

Roasted Beets & Pistachios Over Lemony Greek Yogurt

This is a salad I've made often. It's beloved by my avowed carnivorous friends and my die-hard vegetarian posse alike.

Sudhir Kandula
January 4 2013

6 Tips To Enjoy The Salad Bar Without Spending A Small Fortune

Aaahhh… The salad bar! The one place you can eat what you want and how much you want for a fairly reasonable price, if it’s done right.

Tara Milhem
January 3 2013

Kale Salad With Cashew Cream Dressing

Recently, I had the privilege of being the first home cook featured at a new monthly series at Cómodo, a Brazilian restaurant in the West Village.

Aarthi Belani
January 3 2013

What You Need to Know About Yogurt

Flip through health magazines and many wellness blogs and you'll be advised to eat yogurt. It's often touted as one of the top food for women.

Dana James, M.S., CNS, CDN
October 24 2012

5 Foods That Make You Love Fall Even More

By the time summer comes to a close each year, I find myself counting down the days to the autumnal equinox and looking for any excuse to throw a...

Katie Galvin
October 18 2012

Healthy Mexican Salad with Kale

Recently, I made a festive mexican salad using raw kale and a homemade creamy cashew dressing.

Krysten Jorgensen
October 17 2012

5 Tips to Stay Healthy in Autumn

One thing we can always be guaranteed of in life is change. Nature reminds us of this in the ever-changing rhythm of the seasons.

Katrina Love Senn
October 15 2012

5 Easy Ways to Bring a Healthy Lunch to Work

You're at your desk when it hits you: hunger. Your stomach growls. A glance at the clock tells you it’s past lunchtime. All those promises to get on a...

Aimee DuFresne
October 9 2012

11 Reasons I'm Obsessed with Spinach

I was totally obsessed with Popeye when I was younger. I loved his singing, the way he opened cans of spinach and how he got so cool and strong after...

Louise Jensen
October 3 2012

8 Must-Have Kitchen Items for Healthy Living

Last year, my husband Damien and I bought a 19th Century Victorian home about an hour from London down by the sea. We are in the process of converting...

Katrina Love Senn
July 25 2012

10 Vegan Sources of Protein

Meat-eaters will never stop asking and vegans always get sick of hearing it:

Mara Tyler
May 10 2012