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Should A 'Sleep Class' Be Part Of Every High School Curriculum?

New study, published in the Journal of Sleep Research, shows that a sleep class for teenagers leads to better sleep outcomes after one year.

Childhood Trauma Can Damage Our Health As Adults, New Report Finds

A new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report shows that childhood trauma damages our health as adults.

Could This Type Of Light Therapy Be The Future Of Diabetes Treatment?

New study published in ACS Synthetic Biology shows blue light could be the future of diabetes treatment.

This Is How Much Exercise You Need To Offset Seasonal Depression

A new study shows you can lower your odds of getting hit with a depressive episode.

Georgina Berbari
November 5

Scientists Find A Link Between The Lymphatic System & Hair Regrowth

Just another area that the lymphatic system has a role to play in.

Alexandra Engler
November 4

High-Intensity Exercise Can Boost Memory By 30%, New Study Finds

A workout that can last as little as 5 minutes and can boost memory function? Sign me up.

Jamie Schneider
November 3

The Early Retirement– Alzheimer's Link You Need To Know About, Per New Study

New study establishes a connection between early retirement and decreased cognitive function, including memory recall.