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Apparently Your Social Media Use May Predict Personality & Mental Health Traits

The way a person interacts with social media can reveal a lot about them.

Sarah Regan
August 26 2020

Halle Berry's DIY Balancing Mask Is An Easy At-Home Facial: How To Make It

We'll go ahead and presume Halle Berry is high on your list of skin goals.

Jamie Schneider
August 25 2020

Phasing Out This One Thing Could Cut Global Temps By Nearly Half A Degree

These cooling compounds are causing massive amounts of warming.

Emma Loewe
August 19 2020

Sephora Pledges Safe, Transparent Ingredients In *All* Products

Here are a few of the highlights of what they've accomplished in the past year alone.

Jamie Schneider
August 17 2020

More Research Shows Yoga Can Ease Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorder

As if we needed more proof yoga can benefit the brain.

Abby Moore
August 12 2020

A New Test May Help Predict The Onset Of Type 1 Diabetes Early In Life

Long-term research is the basis for a promising new testing option.

Eliza Sullivan
August 11 2020

New Research Finds Link Between Mental Health & Chest Pain

Is the brain a better indicator of chest pain than the heart?

Abby Moore
August 11 2020

You May Need A Refresher On What "Whole Grain" Means, New Study Finds

A new study found that most people overestimate the whole grain content of products.

Eliza Sullivan
August 10 2020

Yes, It's Already August: The Psychology Of Why Time Has Felt So Wonky Lately

Whenever your routine is turned on its head, it's going to change the way you perceive time.

Sarah Regan
August 7 2020