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Scientists Find Another Link Between Heart Disease & Dementia

Yet another reminder that everything in the body is connected.

Emma Loewe
May 19

6 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Strong As One Person Goes Back To Work

Relationships will be tested once again as some partners begin returning to work.

The Pandemic Apparently Made Many Singles Take Dating More Seriously

What the pandemic may have taught us about your love lives.

Abby Moore
May 14

Bad Breath Under Your Face Mask? 5 Tips For Freshening It Up

How to treat bad breath that keeps recirculating under your face mask.

Abby Moore
May 12

Study Points To Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency & COVID-19 Mortality Rates

More research needs to be done, but the latest study out of Europe is fascinating.

Abby Moore
May 11

This Is Why You May Have Greasy Hair Right Now, According To Derms

People are experiencing greasier roots right now, and it seemingly spares no scalp type. What gives?

7 Reminders That Good News Is Very Much Still Out There

Amid a global pandemic, people are continuing to remind us of the good that's still out there.

Middle Age Has Become More Stressful In Recent Decades, New Study Finds

A team of researchers saw an increase in average daily stress since the 1990s.