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Coffee Can't Actually Make Up For Poor Sleep & This Study Proves It

How many of us have reached for that large coffee after a night of poor sleep?

Sarah Regan
May 29

5 Plant-Based Food Trends You're About To See Everywhere + Fun Ways To Try Them

There's a whole lot to look forward to, but these are the trends we're watching.

What People Find Sexually Attractive Changes With Age — Here's How

There's some nuance between men's and women's priorities—and they change with age.

Sarah Regan
May 19

Study Finds 4 Techniques Many Women Use To Make Sex Feel Better

Because penetration alone might not do the trick.

Abby Moore
May 18

Research Finds This Sustainable Food Source May Help Prevent Diabetes

It's no secret that oily fish are a great source of omega-3s, calcium, and more.

Sarah Regan
May 16

Moms Faced A Unique Kind Of Burnout Amid The Pandemic — Let's Acknowledge It

This fitness brand is raising awareness of burnout, comparing motherhood to running a marathon.

The Results Are In & This Is The Dirtiest Spot On Most People's Desks

For those working from home, it's important to regularly clean your desk space.

Sarah Regan
May 5