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Just In: Study Finds These Protein Sources Are A+ For Heart Health

This new study gets down to the nitty-gritty of which foods, but also how often and how much.

This 5-Minute Breath Practice Might Lower Blood Pressure As Much As Exercise

It was found to be just as effective as meds or exercise for lowering blood pressure.

Sarah Regan
July 6

Looking For A Research-Backed Way To Squash Stress? Call A Friend

You've heard of fight-or-flight, but what about tend-and-befriend?

Sarah Regan
July 5

This Is Where Spirituality Seems To "Live" In The Brain

Until now, research on the neuroscience behind spirituality has been limited.

Sarah Regan
July 5

Most Morning People Share This Personality Type: Do You Have It?

Research just identified a link between personality and sleep timing.

Eliza Sullivan
June 24

Research Finds Surprising Bonus Mental Health Benefit Of Omega-3s

Inflammation isn't bad for just our physical health but our mental health too.

Sarah Regan
June 16

Want To Maintain Cognitive Health As You Age? This Type Of Exercise May Help

It's no secret that staying active as we age is crucial for maintaining our health.

Sarah Regan
June 11