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Want To Sleep Better? Make More Time For This Enjoyable Activity

New research on half a million people shows that it's seriously helpful.

Emma Loewe
a day ago

Uh, Does The Moon Actually Mess With Sleep? Research Provides A New Clue

Whether the moon actually affects our quality of sleep has long been up for debate.

Sarah Regan
4 days ago

This Herb Is A+ For Longevity In Postmenopausal Women

New research shows that it can help support biological age, antioxidant status, and more.

Sarah Regan
September 13

Get Those Wishes Ready: The Biggest Meteor Shower Of The Year Is Here

NASA has dubbed this meteor shower the most impressive of the year.

Emma Loewe
August 11

6 Environmental Activists Respond To IPCC Climate Change Report

Environmental activists share how we can all use the report as a force for good.

Emma Loewe
August 9