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Is The Stuff Under Your Bed Ruining Your High-Vibe Bedroom?

Here's what feng shui experts have to say.

#feng shui #minimalism
Emma Loewe
May 29 2019

Bedroom Clutter Messes With Your Sleep (!) Here's What To Do About It

Is it time to add decluttering to your nighttime routine?

Tracy McCubbin
May 24 2019

5 Feng Shui Tweaks To Make A Small Space Feel Way Bigger

Apartment dwellers, this one's for you.

#feng shui #minimalism
Emma Loewe
May 21 2019

Give Yourself The Gift Of A Decluttered Home That Lasts

A story from a mom to other moms on the one thing that transformed her motherhood.

#Mother's Day #minimalism #stress #motherhood #joy
Caroline Muggia
May 9 2019

6 Ways That Making Changes In Your Home Can Change Your Life

Your home is a mirror, after all.

#plants #toxins at home #minimalism
Dana Claudat
April 30 2019

This Artist's Home Is A Plant-Filled, Minimalist Dream

Check out how to recreate the look.

#holistic home tour #minimalism
Emma Loewe
April 28 2019

These 8 Sustainable Bathroom Picks Will Drastically Reduce Your Plastic Waste

Bamboo is everything.

#skin care #minimalism #environmentalism #toxins at home
Stephanie Eckelkamp
March 30 2019
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4 Different Ways To Practice Minimalism That Are Hands-Down Inspiring

And how to use them in your routine.

#partner #minimalism
March 18 2019

A Pro Declutterer Takes Us Through Her Studio Apartment — And Spills How She Keeps It So Tidy

"Now that we have lived with less, we actually prefer it."

#holistic home tour #minimalism
Emma Loewe
February 28 2019

Don't Know Where To Start Tidying? This Is The Most Important Room To Declutter

Rome wasn't built in a day, and your minimalist sanctuary probably won't be either.

#minimalism #feng shui
Emma Loewe
February 26 2019

The Big Decluttering Step You Won't Find In The KonMari Method

Time to take a more holistic approach to clutter.

#minimalism #environmentalism #Spring Cleaning
Emma Loewe
February 25 2019

We're Obsessed With These 7 Earth-Friendly Feng Shui Tweaks

No. 4 is so important in the age of Kondo.

#feng shui #minimalism #plants
Dana Claudat
February 22 2019

I Simplified My Home — And It Ended Up Changing My Whole Damn Life

"Having less 'stuff' gives me more space to breathe, think, move, create, and best of all, connect with what I already have and truly value."

#minimalism #productivity
Jules Acree
January 27 2019

A Certified KonMari Organizer Answers Our 11 Biggest Decluttering Questions

What does it really mean to spark joy?

#minimalism #parenting #joy
Emma Loewe
January 22 2019

The Spiritual Principle That Makes The Kondo Method So Effective

For Kondo, cleaning is a meditative practice.

#minimalism #crystals #meditation
Emma Loewe
January 15 2019

5 Simple Ways To Declutter Your Life In The New Year

Why stop with your home?

#minimalism #sugar #cleanse #friendship #My Why
Vanessa Loder, MBA
January 12 2019

Marie Kondo's Best Decluttering Advice For Every Room Of The House

We Spark-Noted her new show for you.

#minimalism #declutter
Emma Loewe
January 7 2019

This Is Our Fave Folding Tip From Marie Kondo's New Netflix Show

Who knew decluttering could be so addicting?

#declutter #minimalism
Emma Loewe
January 3 2019