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The One Question That Helped Me Declutter My Closet (Hint: It's Not "Does It Spark Joy?")

It helped me better define my personal style, too.

Emma Loewe
December 2 2018

The One Thing You're Not Decluttering—But Should Be

Ready, set, list it out.

#minimalism #journaling
Ryder Carroll
November 17 2018

mbg Gift Guides: 11 Presents They'll Want To Use Forever & Ever

Lifetime guarantee = money well-spent.

#gift guide 2018 #gift guide #minimalism #environmentalism
Emma Loewe
November 16 2018

I Donated 90% Of My Stuff Before Moving In With My Fiancé—Here’s Why

To this wellness blogger, less is more.

#minimalism #partner
Jordan Younger
September 27 2018

Got Old Candle Jars? Here Are 3 Chic Ways To Reuse Them

Keep the fire burning.

Emma Loewe
September 17 2018

Why We Love This Minimalist Mom's Perspective On 'Clean' Living

Calling all moms! We've found a minimal and effective skin care routine gentle enough for the whole family. You won't want to miss this!

#minimalism #motherhood #partner
Alexandra Dawson
September 10 2018

I Reached A Minimalist Plateau & This Advice Got Me Through It

Consider this the golden rule of minimalism.

#Purpose #minimalism
Emma Loewe
August 16 2018

9 Budget-Friendly Products That Will Turn Your Bathroom Into A Straight-Up Spa

For less than you'd pay for a facial.

#essential oils #minimalism #toxins at home
Emma Loewe
August 10 2018
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Minimalist Shopping Tips That Will Make This Back-To-School Season A Breeze

This year, make your back-to-school shopping a little lighter on the planet and your wallet.

#environmentalism #minimalism #partner
Emma Loewe
August 1 2018

This Is The Next Wave Of The Kondo Method (And It Makes It Way Easier)

Kondo wants you to think inside the box.

#joy #minimalism #news
Emma Loewe
July 24 2018

Smart Ways To Go Zero-Waste (Without Buying Anything New)

3. Take advantage of community.

#environmentalism #minimalism #news
Celia Ristow
July 13 2018

A Pro Organizer On How To Become The Minimalist Packer You've Always Wanted To Be

Minimalism is a beautiful thing—especially when you're traveling.

#aromatherapy #gut health #minimalism #travel week
Emma Loewe
June 29 2018

The Only 3 Products You Need To Keep Your Skin Glowing While You Travel

It's like pressing a reset button for your skin.

#makeup #minimalism #skin care #travel week
Lindsay Kellner
June 27 2018

How To Style Your Home, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type

What mini makeover best suits your personality?

#manifesting #minimalism #plants
Emma Loewe
June 15 2018

This Plant-Filled Oasis In The Dutch Countryside Is The Dreamiest Artist Studio Ever

BRB, moving to the countryside immediately.

#holistic home tour #minimalism #plants
Emma Loewe
June 7 2018

How You Can Shop Whole Foods Market's New Home Store Concept

One clean-burning candle at a time.

#minimalism #news #plants
Emma Loewe
June 1 2018

Pro Organizers Can't Get Enough Of These Beautiful Home Storage Tools

Be prepared to want to declutter immediately.

Emma Loewe
May 26 2018

These Pantry-Stocking Tips Will Save You Hundreds Of Dollars On Groceries

The trick is figuring out what you'll actually USE.

#Paleo #dinner #easy meals #minimalism #vegan
Liz Moody
April 19 2018

The One Hack That Organized My Kitchen For Good

Bonus: It's cheap and super environmentally friendly.

#easy meals #minimalism #superfoods
Rachel Mansfield
March 27 2018