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These Are A Dietitian's Secrets To Staying Energized All Day (Seriously)

Not a morning person? Peep this dietitian's routine to help you simplify and streamline your mornings.

#energy #happiness #health #healthy foods #minimalism
Megan Roosevelt
July 10 2017

Is This 3-Step Closet-Clearing Routine The New Kondo?

Time to give your closet a (sustainable) detox.

#environmentalism #minimalism
Catherine Claire
July 7 2017

My Husband & I Sold Everything We Owned In Pursuit Of Freedom. Here's What Happened Next

We've never been happier. Really.

#empowerment #minimalism
Kim Gipson
July 4 2017

A Minimalist’s Top Hacks For More Fulfilling Travel

Let this Maui minimalist show you the way.

Amie Tollefsrud
June 15 2017

Going Away This Weekend? We've Got A 10-Minute Packing List For Ya

You're going to want to bookmark this one for summer.

Florine Hofmann
May 25 2017

How I Detoxify My Life Every Day (Hint: It Doesn't Include A Cleanse)

From her sleeping sanctuary to her kitchen, how Jordan Younger keeps it green & clean.

#cleaning products #green living #happiness #health #home
Jordan Younger
May 12 2017

The Foolproof Guide To Organizing & Cleaning Your Closet

It couldn't be easier.

Lili Pettit
April 29 2017

Is Lagom The New Scandi Wellness Trend?

Take it with a grain of salt.

#editor's pick #mindfulness #minimalism #wellness
Lindsay Kellner
April 19 2017

8 Hacks To Become Your Fittest, Greenest Self

Check out these 8 sustainable, eco-friendly fitness tips to help you improve the earth while you improve yourself.

#athleisure #environmentalism #minimalism #toxins at home #yoga
April 17 2017

I Live In A 124-Square-Foot Home. Here Are The Minimalism Rules I Live By

Ask yourself: Is it a "hell yes"? If it's not, make it a "hell no."

Amie Tollefsrud
April 17 2017

6 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Minimalism

We're been getting it all wrong.

Cary Fortin
April 14 2017

Everyone In My Minimalist Family Lives Out Of 2 Suitcases. Here's What It's Like

I know this is an unconventional choice, but for us, it's the right one.

#minimalism #travel
Kaia Roman
April 5 2017

The Simple Questions You Need To Ask Every Time You Go Shopping

Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to the closet of your dreams—not just a closet that's full of stuff you don't want to wear.

#environmentalism #minimalism
Sara Weinreb
April 2 2017

What Do Professional Organizers Really Think Of The Kondo Method?

The life-changing magic of some fresh perspectives.

Emma Loewe
March 23 2017

8 Ways To Make Your Bed A Sleep Sanctuary

Break your bad sleep hygiene habits and make your bed a truly sacred space.

#essential oils #happiness #health #minimalism #sleep
March 13 2017

10 Signs It's Time To Declutter Your Life & Become A Minimalist

6. You're already craving the iPhone 8.

#declutter #minimalism #simplicity
Tyson Popplestone
March 10 2017

How I Afford To Live In Paradise & Travel The World (Without A 9-to-5 Job)

Remember, it's all about your priorities.

#empowerment #fear #minimalism
Amie Tollefsrud
February 17 2017

Can Minimalism Go Too Far? Here's What You're Doing Wrong

Because minimalism was so 2016.

#intention #mindfulness #minimalism
Sara Weinreb
January 23 2017

Your Essential Guide To Minimalist Packing

Here's the ultimate guide to decluttering your case of duds and adopting a more minimalist packing mentality.

Emma Loewe
January 12 2017

A Feng Shui Expert's Recipe For Painless Decluttering

7. Avoid the "just in case" mentality.

#declutter #feng shui #minimalism
Marianne Gordon
January 3 2017