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A Feng Shui Expert's Recipe For Painless Decluttering

7. Avoid the "just in case" mentality.

#declutter #feng shui #minimalism
Marianne Gordon
January 3 2017

How To Detox Your Fridge To Set Yourself Up For A Healthier Week

The easiest step you can make toward clean-eating success.

#healthy foods #healthy reset #minimalism #My Why
Phoebe Lapine
January 2 2017
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5 Books To Start 2017 On Exactly The Right Note

These books are crammed full of just the kind of mind-opening, restorative ideas you need to inspire your best year ever.

#books #happiness #health #minimalism #relaxation
January 2 2017

The Essentials That Belong In Every Minimalist Home

Ready to make your home a minimalist sanctuary? We thought so.

#minimalism #plants
Emma Loewe
November 18 2016

How To Give Your Closet The Ultimate Minimalist Makeover

This is the easiest way to build the minimalist closet of your dreams.

#fashion #minimalism
Anuschka Rees
November 17 2016

Minimalist Makeover: How Simplifying Your Life Will Bring You Major Happiness

In today's age of tiny homes, Soylent, and capsule wardrobes, you don't have to look far to see minimalism's touch.

#green living #minimalism #personal growth #simplicity
Emma Loewe
November 14 2016

I Used To Be A Shopaholic. Here's How My Life Changed When I Went Minimalist

"The Sara of five years ago who was afraid to wear the same outfit twice in a month would certainly not recognize me—and I love that."

#budget #confidence #minimalism
Sara Weinreb
October 19 2016

Could Sleeping On The Floor Help You Rest Easier?

Why would we voluntarily forsake our warm beds?

#minimalism #sleep #stress #mbgsupplements
Jenny McCoy
September 25 2015

7 Simple Tools For Clearing Your Negative Energy

Good vibes only

#minimalism #toxins at home
Jesse Golden
March 10 2015

Decluttering Your Home Is Easy—And Dare We Say Fun?—With This Guide

How to simplify your life, one room at a time.

#feng shui #minimalism #stress #Green Cleaning
Allison Young
October 23 2014