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Why Holding On To Past Relationships Is The Worst Thing You Can Do For Yourself, Period

"I had anxiety about the decision, naturally—severing ties with my past and obliterating a huge comfort zone. But I had a future to step in to. I had...

Daniel Dowling
July 6 2017

The Greatest Barrier To Discovering Your Life's True Purpose

"Life purpose is much bigger than something we need to accomplish or a job that we have. It’s the entire meaning of our being. It’s the reason we eat,...

Mike Iamele
July 5 2017

40 Spiritual Lessons I Learned In 40 Years

"It is only possible to love someone as deeply as you love yourself."

Heather Alice Shea
March 15 2017

Simple Steps To A More Adventurous Life: Advice From A Traveling Nomad

Immerse yourself in things you enjoy as much as possible, and deliberately cut out the rest.

Dakota Gale
May 26 2016

This Couple Has Traveled To 150 Countries On Just $8 A Day

Whether it strikes when you're glancing over a travel blog or flipping through the latest National Geographic, most of us get hit with a case of...

Emma Loewe
February 24 2016