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I'm A 102-Year-Old MD — 3 Simple Longevity Tips I Swear By

And she has no plans to retire any time soon.

#longevity #mbgpodcast #Purpose
Jason Wachob
June 19 2023

Do This To Live 8 Years Longer — And Feel Happier In The Process

It's time to hop off the hedonic treadmill.

#Purpose #Journey #joy

The Most Important Longevity Study Ever Done (That No One Talks About)

Uh, is Don Corleone the paragon of longevity?

#Purpose #friendship #longevity

Feeling Lost In Life? 14 Ways To Start Finding Yourself Again, From Experts

It's never too late to figure out what you really want from life.

#Journey #joy #Purpose
Stephanie Barnes
May 1 2023

3 Reasons Why Your Goals Are No Longer Motivating You, From A Mindset Coach

Turns out, most of us have absolutely no idea what we actually want from life.

#Purpose #joy
Kena Paranjape
April 23 2023

99.99% Of Us Are Exposed To This Air Pollutant Daily & We Need To Talk About It

An eye-opening new study maps air pollution worldwide.

#environmentalism #plants #Purpose
Emma Loewe
March 16 2023

How To Calm The Mind's Restlessness & Enhance Awareness With Yoga

If you think, feel, and act from a deeper level of awareness, everything you would like to control can take care of itself.

#yoga #Purpose
Deepak Chopra
February 8 2023

How To Actually Be More Spontaneous & Why It's So Stellar For Your Brain

A clinical psychology researcher explains how to start a spontaneity habit.

#Purpose #brain #stress
Katina Bajaj
January 24 2023

How To Protect Your Energy In Your Relationships If You're A People Pleaser

Empaths may be more susceptible to enmeshment, people-pleasing, and codependency.

#Purpose #energy #friendship #dating
Tanya Carroll Richardson
January 9 2023

Productivity Culture Is Dangerous — Here's How I Unplug From It

As an author, actor, and podcast host, Christopher Rivas sees storytelling as a way to disrupt what we believe is possible.

#Mental fitness #Purpose
Emily Kelleher
January 1 2023

5 Ways To Set (And Actually Achieve) Your Intentions, From Psych Experts

First, you need to understand the difference between goals and intentions.

#journaling #Journey #Purpose
Alex Shea
December 29 2022

The Difference Between Self-Care & Self-Love (And Which One's More Valuable)

No, they're not quite the same thing.

#Purpose #Journey
Humble The Poet
December 28 2022

18 Signs You're Experiencing A Synchronicity (And Not Just Coincidence)

Plus, how to call in more synchronicity in your life.

#Journey #Purpose
Tanya Carroll Richardson
December 23 2022

Keep Seeing This Bird? It's A Powerful Symbol Of Love & Connection

There's a reason they make an appearance at weddings.

#Journey #Purpose
Lauren David
December 16 2022

Seeing A Flock Of These Birds Teaches An Important Spiritual Lesson

It's not always pretty.

#journaling #Journey #Purpose
Lauren David
November 21 2022

Keep Seeing Owls? Here's The Spiritual Meaning (Depending On Its Color)

A deep dive into the symbolism of this wise creature.

#Journey #Purpose #journaling
Lauren David
November 18 2022

Are You Practicing Spirituality — Or Spiritual Materialism? How To Keep It Real

"While spirituality is on the rise, it's also climbing within the mecca of materialism in the modern world."

#crystals #Tarot #Journey #Purpose
Devon Barrow
November 15 2022

3 Lessons From Native Hawaiian Principles That Will Change The Way You Live

And you don't need to visit Hawai‘i to put them into practice.

#Healthy Travel #stress #Purpose
Annie Daly & Kainoa Daines
November 12 2022

Feeling Uninspired & Disconnected? Do This On Your Next Hot Girl Walk

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science."

#stress #joy #Purpose #focus
Perpetua Neo, DClinPsy
November 4 2022