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The 4 Energetic Qualities Of A Powerful Wellness Entrepreneur

Millana Snow
January 17, 2022
Millana Snow
Wellness Entrepreneur
By Millana Snow
Wellness Entrepreneur
Millana Snow is an energy healer, teacher, and wellness entrepreneur with a passion for bringing healing to a diverse community of clients, followers, brands, celebrities, and even members of the royal family.
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January 17, 2022

When it comes to entrepreneurship in the well-being space, energy really is everything.

From my own 15+ year journey as an entrepreneur, teacher, and healer, I know that the unseen work is what really brings your dreams into the tangible world.

If things are slowing down or going off course in my business, it doesn't mean that I'm "bad" or "wrong." It's simply a reflection of something that's happening inside of me. And if I don't like what I'm seeing in the outside world, I take the first step toward changing my inner world.

When I look to shift my energy, these are the four qualities that I focus on. They're the undeniable traits that I've seen all kind, happy, and healthy wellness leaders have in common. This is my invitation for you to cultivate them in your own business in 2022.



Like all things in life, a strong business starts with a strong intention. 

Instead of "wanting" or "hoping for" success in your business—or in any part of your life, for that matter—I've found that breakthroughs happen when you are actually living and embodying that intention. This is the biggest energetic lesson that I'll be working on with my students in my newest program.

It's very self-empowering to remember that you don't need to wait for someone to give you permission to live your life a certain way. You get to decide. This is your life. Be that. Have the courage to live that.

Don't wait for someone to tell you that you can have the full-time business or the booked-out calendar of clients or the high-paying speaking opportunities; be the person who is already fulfilling that intention. 



This is the biggest sticking point when my clients and students want to make a real shift in their lives and their businesses! Some call it confidence, but, at the beginning of things, I call it courage.

Being a highly magnetic business owner requires you to embody, project, and be unafraid of your own authentic power. To own who you are, and accept who you are not. 

As an entrepreneur, you'll be called to step into new levels of courage and power over and over again. I've often said that I'm pretty sure that starting a business is just a subconscious choice to do deeper soul work! So, what are you hiding from? What is it that you have been scared of as an entrepreneur?

Often, it's our family, our parents, or old friends that we're still trying to please or whose beliefs and expectations we are still living or projecting onto our would-be audience. When we understand that a lot of our fears are connected to unhealed trauma or beliefs, we can choose to take back our power. 



You, as an artist, freelancer, professional, and/or business owner, need to have systems in place so that you can feel good and grow with ease. Cultivating strong boundaries in your work is a must.

Audit your business and life, taking note of anywhere that your boundaries might be leaky. From there, I recommend setting boundaries with friends by being very clear on when you are and aren't in "business" or "practitioner" mode, setting boundaries with your pricing by only doing work that you feel excited to be compensated for, setting boundaries with your clients by honoring containers and time commitments, and even setting boundaries in your personal life where it feels supportive. 



Perhaps the most important way you'll attract success with ease is by being in true integrity with your work. This requires drowning out the noise of what's going on around you in the industry and tuning into what's true for you and your craft. 

You must be able to trust yourself and your work first so that your community can trust you. Take the extra time to meditate every day, join a new program, read another book, practice your offerings, and learn in community so that you can show up and shine in your gifts. This is the aligned, integral path to long-lasting success.

Moving forward into 2022.

If you're interested in deepening all four of these qualities to step into your most powerful, sovereign year of entrepreneurship yet, join me in my newest program, Thriving & Aligned. We'll be moving through six weeks of life-changing business practices, energetic shifts, daily tools, communal upleveling, and live energy healing to create our dream businesses in 2022. 

It's all done with one guiding principle in mind: Your business breakthrough starts within.

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Millana Snow
Wellness Entrepreneur

Millana Snow is one of the leading voices in global wellness. She is an energy healer, teacher, and wellness entrepreneur with a passion for bringing healing to a diverse community of clients, followers, brands, celebrities, and even members of the royal family. Based in Los Angeles, Snow is a former model (YSL, CoverGirl) and woman of color with Afro-Latina/Panamanian, American, and British roots. Speaking to an audience as diverse as her background, her work has appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, PopSugar and Well Good. She is the model winner of Project Runway and “Best Travel Adventure Show” Webby Award.

You can follow her @millanasnow and work with her in her new program for healers and entrepreneurs, Thriving & Aligned.