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The 6 Best Firm Toppers To Transform Your Subpar Mattress

You can't revive a dead mattress, but you can save an imperfect one.

Jamey Powell
July 20

This Low-Light Houseplant Is Nearly Impossible To Kill (Nope, Not A Snake Plant)

The fittingly named cast iron plant is one houseplant that can handle the heat.

Emma Loewe
July 19

I Wrote The Book About DIY Beauty — My 3 Favorite Ingredients To Use

In this episode of Clean Beauty School, I chat with Nikita Upadhyay about her book "Roots to Radiance" and how to stop being "influenced."

No Joke, This Underrated Ingredient Can Lighten Scars & Soothe Irritation

Looking to lighten scars? Soothe irritation? Increase cell turnover? Keep reading.

Hannah Frye
July 19

Our Full Guide To Scalp Care, Expert Tips + Products Included

Because nobody ever really explains how to care for your scalp.

Hannah Frye
July 18

This Is The Major Cause Of Crepey Skin — Here's What To Do About It

Because who doesn't want to learn more about the road to tighter, more firm skin?

Hannah Frye
July 17