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5 Crystals That Carry A Loving, Nurturing Energy That's Perfect For Moms

Satya Scainetti
Updated on July 1, 2020
Satya Scainetti
By Satya Scainetti
mbg Contributor
Satya Scainetti is the founder and designer of Satya Jewelry, and philanthropist, yoga teacher, and Reiki healer.
July 1, 2020

For mothers, nurturing others often comes naturally. Caring for themselves, on the other hand, can be more difficult. It's essential that moms take a few minutes of respite every day—even if it's just with a 5-minute breathwork or meditation. Crystals are one tool that can help make this "me time" a little more special and sacred.

I have worked with gemstones for the last 20 years and seen how they can be supportive both emotionally and spiritually. The key is programing your stone with a specific intention. Mothers, caregivers, and nurturers might choose to dedicate their crystal to self-love and boundaries. That way, every time they look at or hold the stone, they'll be reminder to slow down, take a breath, and enjoy a moment of pause. While any crystal can be used for this purpose, these five are thought to carry a particularly restorative energy that moms can benefit from:



Turquoise is the stone of health, balance, and intuition. It is a very nurturing stone with a soothing shade that can help bring us back to our center. It is thought to be connected to the throat chakra, the powerful energy center that helps us to speak up for ourselves and express our truth.


Black onyx

Black Tourmaline for Health & Happiness
Image by mbg Creative

Black onyx is the stone of strength and perseverance, and endurance. This stone can be particularly helpful for new moms who are transitioning into a new life chapter, and they can charge it with the intention to stay steady in the face of inevitable challenges and hiccups.



Carnelian is the stone of protection, stability, and vitality. It's a great one to program with the intention to become more fearless and courageous in all that you do.


Rose quartz

Rose Quartz for Health & Happiness
Image by mbg Creative

Rose quartz is the stone of love and compassion. As mothers, we give love all the time, yet often we forget to receive it. This light pink stone is the perfect reminder to love ourselves unconditionally.



Last but not least is angelite, the stone of acceptance. I like to use this for my own self-acceptance and compassion toward all that I do as a mom. I have heard from so many moms that we all carry guilt and self-judgment. This happy and calming blue stone helps remind me to love and accept myself just the way I am.

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Satya Scainetti

Satya Scainetti is the founder and designer of Satya Jewelry. A philanthropist, yoga teacher, and Reiki healer, Scainetti lives a lifestyle dedicated to giving back to the world community. The name Satya means "truth" in Sanskrit and inspires each wearer to find and live their individual truth. She has her bachelor’s in social work from Adelphi University.

Scainetti has built a devoted global following as she creates beautiful, inspiring, and meaningful jewelry that resonates with each customer’s own personal journey. Her background in social work and passion for early childhood education sparked the creation of the Satya Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides children all over the world with hope, change, and the opportunity to fulfill their destinies. Scainetti lives in New York with her twin sons and two dogs.