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The Beliefs That Are F***ing Up Your Intuition (And How To Fix Each)

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We are all intuitive. This knowledge has been part of the spiritual conversation for a long time now. Ever since Sonia Choquette beautifully connected us to our sixth sense and Doreen Virtue heralded the age of angels and guides, we have become pretty comfortable with the idea that humans are capable of tuning in to that magical voice within.

But no matter how on board we are with our own intuitive power, the stark reality is most of us are still living lives that are a long way from where we want them to be, plagued by continual relationship drama, unending debt, and job dissatisfaction. What’s the deal with that? Is life crisis a symptom of misheard intuition? Is it always that hit and miss? Are we only intuitive sometimes, wandering around in a state of absolute uncertainty the rest?

The answer is that while there are things that are out of our control, creating a more uninterrupted connection to our intuition can help lead to a more tuned-in, turned-on, free-flowing life. Here are a few beliefs that might be messing with your intuition and how to reshape each:

1. We are choosing fear and pretending it is love.

Intuition is intel from the unlimited Universe. It doesn’t deal in fear because seriously, what is fear to the vastness of the Universe? People deal with fear in their own lives all the time, pretending it is love more often than not. When we get an intuitive hit that guides us to leave a bad relationship, we might reject it because we are terrified of being alone. Instead, we’ll pretend that we love the other person so much it is worth staying in an unhappy or dysfunctional relationship. In truth, we are hiding from our fear and calling it love.

We need to be willing to look that fear in the face if we want to heed the call of our intuition. So how do we do this? Put simply, we have to escape our minds and focus on the intelligence that lies within our hearts. According to Gregg Braden, a "spiritual scientist," there is a cluster of around 40,000 neurons in the heart, and this expansive "heart brain" sends more information to the cranial brain than the other way around. We need to learn to defer to the wisdom of our heart by feeling. We need to learn to trust what we feel. Like all new paradigms, this can only be mastered with practice.

2. We are rocking low self-esteem.

When my clients and students tell me they can’t hear their intuition, what they're really saying is, "I don’t trust myself." What’s the point of hearing the answers to our life whispered to us across time and space if we don’t listen? If we make it about our self-esteem, we reject the support we are so worthy of hearing. We have to start with changing our belief about ourselves by noticing ourselves slipping into self-criticism and using discipline to pull ourselves back.

We must be willing to tune in to our intuition then have the courage to act on it.

3. We are afraid of change.

Oh my goodness, this is a biggie. These days, we live in a world that encourages us to lock things down so that nothing ever changes. We have insurance for everything to serve the false hope that we will never lose anything. Hell, we get married in the hopes that the other person will never leave us. We are terrified of change even though change is everything. Everything is always shifting, including our very own bodies. Nothing remains. And yet we react to change like it is death.

Our intuition is often inviting us to change things because they are not working out. Yet, even when we are down on our knees begging some higher power to help change the state of our affairs, we panic when that change comes. We prefer to stick with the shitty known than to leap into the unknown. We must be willing to tune into our intuition, then have the courage to act on it.

4. We are settling for normal.

What we perceive in the mirror when we check ourselves out is such a tiny part of what we really are. Unless we take the time to think of ourselves as more than just our physical bodies, we settle for a very mundane reality. We need to train ourselves to see beyond the dominant five senses by tuning in to our intuition and checking in with ourselves on a deeper level. Are we really here just to meet a boy/girl, get married, and reproduce? What else is possible? When we start to tune in to the really big picture, we free ourselves from the paradigm of normal.

We need to take a minute to educate ourselves about what we truly are made of (stardust, anyone?) and be willing to step up and surrender to our unlimited selves.

Inspired to finally accept and hone your own powerful intuition? These resources can get you started.

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Ricci-Jane Adams

Ricci-Jane Adams, Ph.D. is an author, intuition expert, in-demand keynote speaker, and high-vibe founder of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence. She pioneered the practice of intuitive intelligence—removing the fear blocks that prevent us from knowing our connection to infinite consciousness and opening us to living in accordance with our intuitive wisdom. Her book, Spiritually Fierce, is an Amazon Hot New Release that has already reached hundreds of thousands of soul seekers around the world.