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7 Game-Changing Moves For The 2021 Aries Full Moon

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October 19, 2021
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The 2021 Aries full moon is also known as the Hunter's moon, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. (It was named by Native Americans as a time to gather food for the coming winter months.) Here are seven tips to unleash your fierceness during the energetic 2021 Aries full moon, Hunter's Moon:

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Relax your mind.

Aries rules the head, home of the brain. Most years, this full moon would be an optimal time to feed yours with all kinds of mental stimulation. But with 2021's continued global uncertainty, worry and stress have many of us preoccupied. Instead of trying to figure it all out, how about taking a mental vacation? Devote a stretch of hours to something meditative and "mindless," like raking leaves or a DIY project you can do by hand. Time to knit a scarf or do a puzzle while you listen to music that moves you. 

If your brain keeps fixating on things beyond your control, distractions can be healthy. Try a microlearning experience to stimulate new neural pathways.

The beauty of today's world is that you can keep your mind busy no matter where you are. The challenge, of course, is shutting it off. Good thing there are apps to help you do that, like Insight Timer or the aptly named Headspace that helps you meditate, de-stress, and drift off to peaceful slumber.


Revolutionize your world.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is never afraid to rip up the old model, then draft a brand-new blueprint. Is there an area of your life that's begging for an update? The 2021 Aries full moon may fuel your desire to take charge and get into action! Anger can be a helpful touchstone under this full moon, connecting you to a powerful sense of purpose. Follow that inner calling and be a warrior for change.

Whether you're spearheading a community initiative or figuring out a savvier system for organizing your team at work, the rule of thumb is less talk, more action. The only thing this full moon requires is courage. It's not easy to go first, speaking up when everyone else is frozen with indecision. That's what being a leader requires, and it's something the self-possessed Ram can teach us under this activating lunar light.

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Burn off stress.

The headstrong Ram can serve up a strong brew of confidence that might verge on swagger. Under this lunar spotlight, serious egos will be on display. (Twitter war alert!) Know where to draw the line between confident and cutthroat, and when it's best to just disengage. 

Warning: Since Aries is the zodiac's warrior, this full moon may churn up aggression and anxiousness. Find a healthy outlet for release instead of getting sucked into a rage-filled comments thread. If you're the type who has a short fuse, steer clear of triggering people. Under this cosmic "lunacy," buttons are easily pushed, escalating a minor grievance into a bloody battle. 

Burn off stress instead of burning bridges. Turn your living room into a dance floor or trek off on an adventurous day hike. Boxing workouts are great to release aggression under this full moon, so think about setting up a bag if you have space at home. If you're up for the challenge, check out online classes for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or Krav Maga, a military-based training that teaches you how to defend yourself on and off the mat. Who knows? Being part of a virtual "Fight Club" could move all the pent-up frustration from 2021 out of your body, freeing up life-force energy that's been stuck for months.


Ask and you shall receive.

Know why certain people seem to always get the recognition and upgrades? Because they confidently ask for it. The 2021 Aries full moon is fired up in the zodiac's most entitled sign, and it wants to speak to the manager—no, forget that; it wants to talk to the CEO! The universe can't give you what you want if you don't spell it out. And really, what's the worst that could happen? You ask, and the answer is no? That stings, but you'll recover—we promise. And if the answer is yes, boom! You've catapulted your life into its next dimension. 

What bold request could you make within a few days of the 2021 Aries full moon? Instead of patiently waiting for a promotion, schedule a performance review. DM a venue about live-streaming a concert for your band or hosting a workshop that would appeal to their audience. Simplify your pitch and get straight to the point. Brevity is the soul of wit when impatient Aries is at the wheel!

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Promote yourself with pride.

Aries energy is about shameless self-promotion, and under this lunar light, have zero reservations about letting the world know how amazing you are. What's that passion project you've been obsessively cultivating since the Aries new moon this past April 11? Whether you created something wholly original or put your own unique spin on a classic, October 20 is a day for a big reveal.

Not sure where to direct the attention? This full moon illuminates your power. (Which might already be obvious to everyone except you.) Do people view you as a thought leader or influencer? Where do you feel confident taking charge? If you've got enough experience under your belt, build a platform around your personality and teachings. 

Even if your path is undefined, make the most of this bombastic energy by bravely experimenting with something that has always interested you. Don't worry about what the finished product will look like or when anything will be complete. Aries energy is more about getting started than wrapping things up anyway. Just start playing and create some traction.


See red.

Every zodiac sign is associated with a color, and the Ram claims fire red as its hue. Like the qualities of Aries, red symbolizes survival, courage, and vitality. In the chakra system, red is associated with the first (root) chakra, which is stable and grounding—much like Aries can be when they rise into their leadership. If you've been hesitant about taking charge or want to reclaim your power, use "cosmic color theory" to fire up your world. Wear something red or place objects in this hue in your line of vision.

While most people can't pull off head-to-toe crimson—except some of those Aries-Sun-born headliners like Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin, and Sarah Jessica Parker—it's a potent pop color. Shoes, bags, lipstick...a burst of red can make any neutral outfit sing. If you need to energize a room, try painting a red accent wall or draping a woven red blanket over a chair.

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Burn it.

Looking to be done with something no longer serving you? The full moon in Aries—the first fire sign of the zodiac—wants you to set it ablaze. Cultures around the globe have used fire ceremonies to purge negative energy for thousands of years. This can be as simple as writing down what you'd like to be rid of, then striking a match under the paper. Or maybe you build a bonfire and toss in burnable items that you want to say goodbye to...yes, even if the farewell is bittersweet.

Fire destroys, but as it does, it cleanses. Visualize your pain being consumed and released as smoke, then disappearing into the ether. Depending on comfort level, you might even hold a full moon fire circle with an intentional group. 

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