How To Make A Promise To Mama Earth Using Crystals

Crystal expert By Heather Askinosie
Crystal expert
Heather Askinosie is an author and leading influencer on the power of crystals.

To say that humanity hasn’t always been the kindest companion to Mother Earth would be an understatement. The recent barrage of megastorms we’ve witnessed has inspired some sobering reflections on the effects we are having on our planet. So what can we do to show our love and appreciation for the role that Earth plays in our lives?

In addition to contacting Congressman, making everyday lifestyle tweaks, and speaking out for what you believe in, you can connect to the Earth you're fighting to protect using—what else?—crystals! Remnants of the ground beneath our feet, they help us to recognize how we can be better people, not just for ourselves but for the planet we walk on. By opening our minds to clarity and love, crystals can help us notice when our behaviors are not aligned with positive energy. Here are a few to use in your quest to inspire beneficial change in the world:

1. Clear quartz.

How To Make A Promise To Mama Earth Using Crystals

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Clear quartz is a perfect crystal for plotting out new beginnings. You can use the see-through quartz as a reminder to get clear on your faults as well as your potential. Try meditating with quartz to see how you can do better by the earth in your everyday routine, and program the stone with the energy of this intention. Maybe you decide that you can go through less plastic or cut back on your energy use. Use the quartz to set the specific intention for how you will be more eco-friendly. Then, radiate this energy outward by writing down your intention on a piece of paper, folding it in half, and placing your quartz crystal point over it. With your hands on the point, state your intention aloud one last time.


2. Jasper.

Jasper has a more earthbound, grounding energy. Picture jasper, a brown jasper, is a crystal that re-connects you with your intuition to help you gain a broader awareness of your personal impact. Red jasper, on the other hand, will fuel your drive and push you toward action rather than contemplation. Meditating with picture jasper in tandem with red jasper will provide a stable energy for planning and following through on your intentions. It is an ideal way to get into the right mindset for philanthropic work.

3. Bloodstone.

If you have bloodstone, work with it as a reminder to avoid starting eco-projects and abandoning them midway. Too often we have the right intentions, but we lose focus quickly. It’s easy to overlook the minor changes we need to make for a more eco-friendly lifestyle when our lives get busy. Little tweaks seem like something we can skip one day and then eventually get back in the habit of. But that one day can become another, and another, and then another until we’re back to our old habits. Let bloodstone be a reminder to keep your mind aligned with your passionate intentions. It helps you to see how essential the fate of the earth is, and take your intention seriously. It’s great to use after you’ve begun working on your intentions and feel your energy waning, because it helps you carry and build momentum.

Armed with the right attitude and a few crystals to remind you of your commitment, you’re on your way to establishing a healthier, mutually beneficial bond with the earth.

For more insight into how you can help protect the planet, check out this beginner's guide to switching over to renewable energy and giving composting a go.

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