Beyond The Physical: How Ayurveda Can Restore The Body's Energetic Pathways

Ayurvedic counselor By Angelica Neri, ERYT-500
Ayurvedic counselor
Angelica Neri, an Intuitive Vedic Healer, is the co-founder of Soulfull Veda. Her deep knowledge of the Vedas comes from studying as an Ayurvedic Practitioner, ERYT-500 hr kundalini and meditation instructor and Reiki Master, as well as experience leading multiple yoga teacher training programs and retreats.
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Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, is also known as the science of life. Its ancient wisdom gives us a deep understanding of our unique mind, body type (also called a dosha), and physical imbalances.

Ayurvedic knowledge can help us adjust our diet, lifestyle practices, meditation, exercise routines, etc., to better align with our unique doshic combination. This can look like tongue scraping with a copper prong or administering abhyanga, a luxurious self-oil massage. But it can span beyond the physical, too.

How Ayurveda can open the body's energetic pathways (aka the chakras).

Ayurveda simultaneously heals our energetic system, which we understand through the chakras.

Like Ayurveda, the chakra modality also originated in India—but it came later, presumably in the Hindu Vedas between 1500 and 500 B.C. So while not directly connected, these two modalities can be considered in tandem.

How, you might ask? Ayurveda is an element-based, healing science, which consists of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and ether. We see these elements in the natural environment, but we also hold them within us.

The combination of elements within us makes our unique mind, body, soul type: our dosha. Some of us have more earth and water (kapha), others have more fire and water (pitta), and the rest have more air and ether (vata). (This quiz can start to give you an idea of what dosha you're dominant in.)

Disease and imbalance occur when we have an excess of a dosha in our vessels. To heal the excess of a dosha, one must bring in the opposite elements to create balance.

For example, if we have too much earth and water element (kapha imbalance), we can feel stuck, overly emotional, or lethargic. To find balance and heal, we need more of the fire element to burn away the heaviness and stoke our creative fire again.

If we have too much of the fire element (pitta imbalance), we can feel judgmental and critical and have digestive issues. Therefore, we need more of the water element to calm our nervous system and soothe our digestive tract.

If we have too much of the air and ether element (vata imbalance), we may be feeling anxious and overwhelmed and experience dryness and constipation. To balance, we need more of the earth element to bring stability and grounded action in our lives.

Each chakra is related to a different element. So, in determining what element we need to bring into our lives, we can also focus on healing the relevant chakra. Thinking about it this way adds another layer to Ayurvedic healing and a new entryway to the modality for energy-curious folks.

Check our intuitive template below for how you can use Ayurveda to balance the chakras.


Root Chakra for Earth Element:

When you have excess air and ether (vata imbalance), cultivating the root chakra's earth element can bring you stability and a sense of being grounded.

Rituals to try:

A strong morning routine can provide the structure your body needs to align your whole day. In Ayurveda, this is called a dinacharya. Our favorite morning rituals are tongue scraping, Vedic meditation, and sipping warm water with lemon.

Sacral Chakra for Water Element:

When you have excess fire and air and ether (pitta or vata imbalance), cultivating the sacral chakra's water element can calm and soothe you.


Rituals to try:

Abhyanga or self-oil-massage is a practice of massaging oil all over your body. It provides nourishment, cultivates self-love, and cleanses the body. (This primer walks you through how to do it.)

Solar Plexus Chakra for Fire Element:

When you have excess water and earth and air and ether (vata or kapha imbalance), cultivating the solar plexus's fire element can bring warmth and inspiration to your life.


Rituals to try:

Sip Ayurvedic CCF Tea (cumin, coriander, and fennel) to help stoke digestive fire, or agni. In Ayurveda, digestion is king. When we balance our agni, or digestive fire, we simultaneously heal other systems of the body.

Heart Chakra for Air Element:

When you have excess earth and water (Kapha imbalance), cultivating the heart chakra's air element can bring freedom and detachment to your life.


Rituals to try:

Dry brushing, or garshana, is a practice that cleanses the lymphatic system and may encourage circulation.

Throat Chakra + Third Eye Chakra for Ether Element:

When you have excess earth and water (Kapha imbalance), the throat chakra and third-eye chakra's ether element can bring creativity and interconnectedness.

Rituals to try:

Daily meditation is a practice that opens up more space in the mind for creativity to flow through. It also connects us to source and reminds us that we have an infinite potential seeded in each of us.

While we can easily argue that any one of these practices can be a life-altering experience in our physical bodies, true evolution comes from bringing awareness to how the elements can heal the full mind-body-soul complex. Gratefully, this seed of consciousness is embedded in the techniques of Ayurveda.

So building a morning routine not only cares for your body in the morning, but it sets your nervous system up to have a grounded and easeful rest of your day.

Drowning your body in an abhyanga session cleanses your tissues while also invoking your divine feminine nature.

Drinking CCF tea throughout your day regulates your digestion and stokes a spark of inspiration in your life.

This ancient wisdom is timeless and has no boundaries for the depths it can heal. Start with one practice, and witness your healing unfold into a beautiful, lotus flower.

This article was co-written by Rachel Jeffries.

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