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February 17, 2013
Image by Clique Images / Stocksy

There are spiritual teachers who don’t live their teachings, who are more driven by ego and the need to have their expertise affirmed, than a desire to be of service and live love

There are yoga teachers who teach one thing in their classes and do something else completely, outside their classes.

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And there are salesmen who live by values aligned with Buddha—never having studied his teachings.

Everybody is on their own path. There is nobody more spiritual than you. And nobody less spiritual than you.

Eckhart Tolle sat around on a park bench in Vancouver for years, looking every part the average addled homeless man. And now he’s a bestseller, a guru, a teacher to the stars. We’re all the same.


The spiritual teachers who are driven by ego, the yoga teachers who don't practice what they preach, and me—imperfect in every way—we’re all on our own path.

You’re on your own path. The teaching is in the practice, in the intention, in the clearing away of your own blocks to truth and love and freedom. We’ve all lived many lives. 

We’re souls in these bodies, anchored in the world on this planet for a reason.

Maybe, in a past life, you were as evolved as it gets. Maybe you healed everyone you touched, without even physically touching them. Maybe you were as enlightened as Buddha.

Who knows? Hang out with people who lift you up, take you higher, nourish your soul. 

Spend time with people who leave you feeling lighter, brighter, calmer, stronger. “Consciousness isn’t taught. It’s caught.” That’s what Yogi Bhajan said, anyway. And anyone who has tasted the love of the universe, nirvana, bliss, Samadhi—the ultimate goal of yoga and so many spiritual teachings—will operate from a place of love. They will radiate love. You’ll feel it without knowing what it is, and that will be it.

That’s all there is. Oh, and there are also these reasons why you don't need a spiritual teacher:

1. Nobody is more spiritual than you. And nobody is less spiritual than you.2. The most spiritual people are those living love—not those with a certain distinction or training.3. Consciousness isn’t taught. It’s caught.4. You have the whole universe inside you; it’s your soul.5. Your Sat Guru—true teacher—is you.

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