What Is Crystal Bed Therapy + How Does It Work?

mbg Contributor By Kalisa Augustine
mbg Contributor
Kalisa Augistine is a a holistic health practitioner focused on energy healing and soul coaching based in Los Angeles.

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Maybe you've heard about the power of crystals or crystal energy, but there is a new healing modality on the rise in New York City. Crystal Bed Therapy is a new type of energy healing, attracting celebrities and influencers like Parker Posey, Jamie Alexander, Melanie Laurent, Gina Gershon, Sir Patrick Stewart, Hannah Bronfman, Sarah Larson of Y7 studio, and many others who are turning to this type of treatment for full-blown energy makeovers. But why is it so hot right now?

What is Crystal Bed Therapy?

Crystal Bed Therapy (CBT) is more than your average energy healing session. It is a multisensory, meditative, cleansing experience that takes you into greater realms of depth and the subconscious mind. A CBT session lasts an hour and a half and incorporates several types of vibrational therapies such as chromotherapy, crystal bowl sound healing, magnetic therapy, and Vogel style quartz crystal healing. To take it to the next level, the entire bed installation rests under a giant copper pyramid suspended in the air. Add some shamanic clearing techniques and intuitive counsel, and you are rollin' in the cosmic deep. Talk about a powerhouse energy vortex!

When you book a session with me, you walk into a space that is not only beautiful but makes you feel good from the inside out. There is an altar of crystals next to the bed installation in a crisp, white-washed brick artist's loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It's important to keep the space energetically minimalist and clear to do this work—a sense of spaciousness is helpful for healing. I spend the first portion of our session listening to my client. Expect to talk about anything that is currently coming up for healing in your life right now: emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually.

Photo by Kalisa Augustine

Kalisia Augustine at her Brooklyn crystal bed therapy healing studio.

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What happens during a Crystal Bed Therapy session?

After I identify some energetic root blockages that may be affecting my client's real-world experience, it is time to get on the bed to clear them. The lights go out. The chromotherapy machine is turned on while a 1.8-million-year-old therapeutic-grade crystal filters spectrums of light into the crown chakra.

As my clients are lying on a table with magnetic therapy strategically placed on its surface, targeting specific meridian points (energy centers in the body), they begin to feel the effects of the copper pyramid suspected above. At this point, I begin to play seven crystal sound healing bowls that align with each chakra and gently guide them through a visual meditation. The sound bowls are attuned to 432 hertz, which is a healing frequency known to calm the nervous system.

Who does Crystal Bed Therapy, and do I need it?

Crystal Bed Therapy is recommended for all types, and all ages, even children and in some cases even pets! I absolutely adore working on children and have a client who always brings her dog with her for clearings. Though I do work on people going through physical or emotional hardship and deep transitions, you don't have to be someone going through a hard time to benefit from Crystal Bed Therapy. Many turn to my work for a cosmic reboot and to set the tone for a high-vibe state of flow and expansion.

Since it isn't really like anything else out there, it can be hard to conceptualize for first-timers. People often ask, "Is it like reiki?" Well, I absolutely incorporate reiki while I am working, but that is only one small sliver of the pie. I am a shaman and an intuitive with a deep understanding of metaphysical dynamics, spiritual law, and alchemical processes with an acute ability to move and curate energy. I've got a lot of tricks up my sleeve, and I'm not afraid to use them! This may be putting it in layman's terms, but one could liken it to an other-worldly tanning bed that makes you feel lighter, magical, and uplifted instead of copper-toned. Just replace the harmful UV rays with some crystal rainbow vibes and a priestess operating the machine on your behalf. Truth is, it's a lot more complicated than that, but I will let you discover it on your own.

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How often should you do Crystal Bed Therapy?

I would recommend regular energy clearings on the crystal light bed every four to six weeks; however, someone more sensitive might need to come in more often. I am a "super sensitive" and easily thrown off by misalignment. I get on my bed bimonthly to work on myself and have daily rituals at home to maintain those states. Cleaning your energy is like taking a shower or taking your car in for a tune-up. Regular maintenance is required to hold higher vibrational states. I absolutely recommend it for anyone ready for a powerful change.

Why should believe that Crystal Bed Therapy actually works?

The reason it actually works is because everything in this universe is made up of energy. In fact, energy precedes all physical manifestations. We learn this in sixth-grade science class but are only at the beginning of understanding what that means for the human energy field. We absorb energy from others and the world outside of us. When we are weighed down energetically, our flow is blocked. And when energy isn't flowing, expanding, and moving in our electromagnetic field, our experience of physical reality is compromised. Life becomes stagnant when our energy is stagnant. Yes, we know that there is a strong connection between mind and body, but do not forget the spirit. Spirit is the essence of all that is, and you are your own microcosm. I choose to elevate the spiritual aspects of my universe, and my life is more awesome because of it! So far, this is the most powerful tool I've discovered to do that.

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Why is does this therapeutic treatment use crystals?

Are you wondering how crystals fit in? Crystals are a perfect and systematic order of molecular and energetic patterning. Precisely cut, they can be used as an energy device to balance, organize, and smooth the human energy field or vibrations in a space. Crystals create energy grids around them and can even restructure your drinking water! Not only are they pretty to look at, but crystals can literally elevate your vibe. A crystal's natural structure is a six-sided prism with a terminated end. Crystals share this configuration with water and energy molecules. It is sort of this cool thing in physics. And not only that, crystals vibrate at the same frequency as water and the human body (456 hertz). This resonant structure and vibration allows for direct communication with your cells. And remember when I said that crystals are like frozen light? Their molecular structure is perfect? Well, with the right intention and technique, they can cause the water molecules in your body to elevate and match its perfect patterning. In a nutshell, the like vibe and structure opens the door to physiological communication, and their perfect patterns elevate your cells.

Happy cells add to the state of flow I was discussing earlier. Athletes, artists, high achievers, and powerful creators of all kinds have been describing states of "flow" as related to happiness in books, literature, and interviews for years.

And that's what I do. It's like being a vibe doctor. I help you flow. When you flow, you glow. When you glow, you attract miracles.

What are the tangible benefits of Crystal Bed Therapy?

When blockages are cleared, you have more space to hold light in the energy around your body. We live in a universe based on the law of attraction. And when you hold more light in your field it is inspiring, it awakens, and people are drawn to light. You have access to deeper parts of yourself, are a leader, and become a miracle magnet. And this, to me, is the true definition of beauty. The benefits of Crystal Bed Therapy include:

  • Creative flow
  • Mental clarity
  • Weight loss
  • Healthier eating patterns
  • Balanced hormones
  • Sense of being alive
  • Stress relief
  • Release of anxiety/depression/mental afflictions
  • Sound sleep
  • Cellular restructuring of water molecules in the body
  • Elevated energy levels
  • Spiritual transformation
  • Increased intuition
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So, give us some real-life examples!

I had one male client come who was a bit of a playboy in his past, and that may be an understatement. As a nonbeliever and someone who describes himself as not being very "trippy-dippy," he showed up at my office accompanied by his fiancée with an open mind. He was someone who generally liked keeping females around him. Though he never acted on the impulses in their relationship, he kept a lot of lines in the water without a conscious understanding of why he did so. He had no real understanding of my work and therefore had no preconceived notions positively or negatively. He just showed up. For him, it was a mentally visual experience. He indicated he saw a vision of a hot pink neon line drawing of a naked woman giving birth to a crystal. He could feel sensations and changes in his body and indicated that after one session he never had an urge or impulse to keep those lines in the water or even look at another woman. He also ceased attracting female distractions coming at him left and right. It just stopped. What's funny is he doesn't even believe in this stuff at all! He and his wife are happily married, and she says I cured him. And now whenever his friends ask him what happened, he just says, "Game of Thrones (which is what he calls me, apparently) shoved a crystal up my butt, and that was it."

I guess he is a comedian, too.

On a more serious note, I had another client who is a bipolar, creative genius having difficulty traversing the art world scene, the dark energy around it, and the drugs everywhere. She was suffering from mania, depression, severe nightmares, and had been in therapy for years. For her, the therapy wasn't really enough. She came to me ready for change, and I immediately identified her as a super sensitive with a profound healing ability. She was absorbing energy left and right that was exacerbating her difficult symptoms. She began working with me and over the next year became sober, left negative work circumstances, transformed her mental state into balance, has a sense of purpose, and is now planning to study acupuncture. She has indicated her life has completely transformed because of the work.

I also work with well-known healers around town. One of them has profound upgrades, visions, sensory experiences, and elevated states every time she comes in for a tune-up. She says others can sense the elevation, and it really helps her work.

At the end of the day, good healers never do the work for you; they hold space for your becoming so you can make the choice for yourself. I can show you the way. You walk through the door. What we do with our knowledge and experiences defines our character. Crystal clear energy makes those choices easier by experiencing the purity of self as connected to Source. When we experience that, it is our natural inclination to want to maintain it. Having higher vibes also leads to attracting them. The next level is waiting.

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