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Looking To Manifest Abundance In Your Life? This Could Be A Good Sign

The Ace of Pentacles may mean you have a chance to plant seeds and make strides toward something you're seeking in life.

Sarah Regan
June 15

8 Rituals For Making Your Own Light On The Darkest Day Of The Year

Think of the solstice as a sacred gateway: an ending and a new beginning.

Barbara Biziou
December 20 2021

Anxiety Landed Me In The Hospital: This Spiritual Tool Helped Me Cope

I knew I needed to change my lifestyle and stop obsessing about things I couldn't control.

Shannon Kaiser
November 23 2021

13 Rituals To Help You Make The Most Of Every Full Moon Night

The full moon is the perfect time to power up your rituals.

Sarah Regan
November 18 2021

This Tarot Card Represents The Perfect Balance Of Wisdom & Stability

It's like a symbol for emotional and subconscious mastery.

Sarah Regan
November 3 2021

Get Into The Spooky Spirit With These 7 Spells & Rituals For Halloween

From tarot spreads to candle meditations, this is a great day to give a new ritual a whirl.

Sarah Regan
October 31 2021

How To Cleanse Your Tarot Deck (To Get The Most Accurate Readings)

With every reading, your favorite deck can hold on to old energy.

Sarah Regan
September 15 2021