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8 Things That Can Help You Power Through Your Day

We’ve all been there. Packed schedules and dips in energy throughout the day can make it tough to hit our daily intentions. Here you can find a full...

2 days ago

A Grounding Three-Step Ritual For Hydrated Winter Skin

This ritual is designed to boost and maintain hydrated skin all winter long.

4 days ago

How My Entire Family Thrives After Going Gluten-Free

When one person in this family has to go gluten-free, the whole family does, too.

December 7

A Healthier Morning Challenge: Make Yourself Breakfast Every Day For The Next Week

A healthy breakfast is the most important part of the day. We can help with the recipes, all you have to do is take the challenge!

December 4

5 Amazing Self-Care Audiobooks To Curl Up With Over The Holidays

A little self-care goes a long way, especially during the busy holiday season.

December 4

I’m A THC Novice But This Cannabis Pen Just Piqued My Interest

With more people looking for ways to ease anxiety and naturally alleviate pain, it’s hard to ignore the healing power of cannabis.

November 30

Watch This Mom Of 3 Squeeze 5 Moments Of Self-Care Out Of Her Day

For this mom of 3, finding time for herself is super important. Watch this video to see how Sophie Jaffe is able to squeeze 5 moments of self-care out...

Sophie Jaffe
November 30

What To Know About Weight Training At Home To Hit Your Fitness Goals

We found a workout that will get you in shape from the comfort of your home!

November 29

Here’s Every Product In Weleda’s New Skin Food Line (And Our Editors’ First Impressions)

Farm-to-face labels are tossed around plenty in the beauty world, but this Swiss brand is legitimate.

November 19

This Holiday-Worthy Chocolate Mousse Tart Has A Healthier Twist

There's always room for dessert, even after food-packed holiday dinners!

November 18