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A 5-Step Home Reset To Help You Start The Year Feeling Organized

Our homes need annual health and wellness checks, just like we do.

#declutter #toxins at home #environmentalism
Maeve Richmond
January 5 2022

A Genius Way To Use Christmas Tree Needles Before You Toss It

Read this before tossing your tree or holiday wreath.

#holiday #environmentalism #essential oils #mbgpersonalcare
Kami McBride
December 26 2021

5 Pieces Of Must-Know News About How Climate Change Impacts Your Health

Including a potential connection between microplastics and IBD.

#news #environmentalism #Healthy Planet, Healthy You
Emma Loewe
December 23 2021

Climate Education Is Lacking: What Young People Wish They Learned In School

5 young activists on why their curriculum needs to be more urgent and inclusive.

Emma Loewe
December 10 2021

Why Doctors Are The Unlikely Leaders The Climate Movement Needs

How they're leading the charge toward a healthier planet.

#climate change #environmentalism #Wellness Trends 2022 #mbgpersonalcare
Emma Loewe
December 6 2021

Healthy Planet, Healthy You: Climate News You Need To Know This Month

Welcome to mbg's new series exploring the links between climate and health.

#climate change #environmentalism #holiday #Healthy Planet, Healthy You
Emma Loewe
November 28 2021

4 Genius Ways To Use Thanksgiving Leftovers For Healthy Meals All Week

This leftovers pizza is a game-changer.

#holiday #environmentalism #functional nutrition
Eliza Sullivan
November 26 2021

What To Look For In Ashwagandha To Ensure It's Powerful & Sustainable

Your 4-step checklist.

#environmentalism #Herbs #mbgsupplements
Emma Loewe
November 23 2021

The Surprising Way That Climate Change Could Affect Your Sleep

The climate crisis is a health crisis.

#environmentalism #sleep #mbgsupplements
Emma Loewe
November 19 2021

This Chocolate Won't Spike Blood Sugar & You'll Never Guess What It's Made From

Confession: I ate it for breakfast this week.

#environmentalism #sugar #Blood Sugar
Emma Loewe
November 18 2021

Make Your Flowers Last Longer With These 5 Simple Drying Methods

Yes, you can use a microwave.

#plants #gardening #environmentalism
Alex Shea
November 16 2021

To Stay Healthy, We're Making Our Planet Sick: The Climate Impact Of Health Care

Here are a few ways we can make it more sustainable and resilient.

#environmentalism #climate change
Emma Loewe
November 11 2021

The Treehouse-Inspired Airbnb At The Top Of Our Vacation Bucket List

The Nook is an invitation to a slower, more intentional way of living. 

#holistic home tour #environmentalism
Emma Loewe
November 11 2021

This Unlikely Ingredient Could Reduce Emissions From Gassy Cows By Up To 90%

It's already making waves in the ag industry.

#environmentalism #news #organic #organic food
Emma Loewe
November 9 2021

A Meteorologist Predicts What To Expect For The Winter Ahead

La Niña is coming.

Sarah Regan
November 5 2021

What Is Vegan "Leather" — And Is It More Sustainable Than The Real Deal?

Here's what to know before you shop.

Emma Loewe
November 3 2021

Found: A Versatile Veggie Burger That You Can Eat With Everything

Did we mention it's a potential climate solution too?

#environmentalism #plants #vegan #vegetarian
Emma Loewe
October 29 2021

The Climate Lessons We Can All Learn From Indigenous Wisdom

"We must move beyond human wellness and turn to the well-being of the whole of the Earth."

Emma Loewe
October 11 2021

Subbing Just 10% Of Daily Calories With These Foods May Add Years To Your Life

Psst...it'll help the planet out, too.

#environmentalism #Nutrients #organic food #plants #news
Emma Loewe
October 5 2021