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Hair Looking Thin At The Ends? 5 Ways To Make Them Full Without A Trim

These should hold you over until you and the salon chair meet again.

Jamie Schneider
August 7 2020

Why This Multitasking Oil Should Be Part Of Your Beauty Routine

It's native to India, and beauty brands are catching wind of all of its benefits including anti-aging, balancing moisture, and speeding up the healing...

Andrea Jordan
July 30 2020

Need A Little Skin-Brightening? Try This Two-Ingredient Turmeric Face Mask

Just a sprinkle of the spice can be deeply nourishing—with a gorgeous golden color, to boot.

Jamie Schneider
July 25 2020

This DIY Sea Salt Spray Only Has 5 Ingredients & Works For Every Hair Type

No matter whether your hair is flat, wavy, kinky, or coiled, behold the beloved sea salt spray.

Jamie Schneider
July 17 2020

These 4 Natural Bug Bite Relievers Are Derm-Approved (And In Your Kitchen!)

Chances are you'll have one of these bite relievers sitting on a shelf.

Jamie Schneider
July 13 2020

This DIY Rosewater Spray Is Like An Energy Drink For Your Skin

Plus, the subtle fragrance will have you smelling like fresh petals.

Jamie Schneider
July 9 2020

How To Make A Fluffy Shaving Cream With Just Two Common Ingredients

Yes, you can create a shaving cream that's just as fluffy as the traditional foam.

Jamie Schneider
June 21 2020

How To Remove Hair Dye From Skin: A Celebrity Colorist Offers His 4 Tips

Before anyone realizes the tops of your ears are tinged strawberry blond.

Jamie Schneider
May 31 2020

Alicia Keys Gets Her Glow With A DIY Mask & It's So Easy To Replicate

You’d be hard-pressed to find a complexion more glowy and radiant than the Grammy Award–winning singer's.

Jamie Schneider
May 30 2020

This Type Of Hair Removal Is Perfect For Sensitive Skin & You Can Do It At Home

No cloth strips or applicators required for this home-friendly method.

Jamie Schneider
May 25 2020