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Kerry Washington Swears By This 3-Ingredient DIY Tonic To Refresh Her Scalp

Just three ingredients to invigorate the scalp, and you might already have them in your cupboard.

Jamie Schneider
December 12 2020

This One DIY Hair Care Step Is The Secret To Preventing Split Ends, Stylists Say

It’s the difference between smooth, shiny strands and breakage or split ends. 

Jamie Schneider
November 21 2020

This Easy-To-Make Treatment Will Save Your Scalp, Hairstylist Approved

Massaging in this scalp treatment feels nothing short of spa-grade. 

Jamie Schneider
November 11 2020

2 Stylist-Approved Hair Oil Blends You Can Make At Home For Max Shine

It's like taking care of all of your hair goals in one fell swoop.

Jamie Schneider
November 9 2020

9 Things To Do Tonight (And All Week) Instead of Doomscrolling

A bit of inspiration for stepping away from the news tonight, if you need it.

Eliza Sullivan
November 3 2020

Brighten, Smooth & Hydrate: 4 DIY Face Scrubs For A Serious Glow

Everything you need to know about the venture, here.

Jamie Schneider
September 17 2020

This One-Ingredient Face Mask Will Give Your Skin Maximum Hydration

The nutrients that make yogurt such a healthy breakfast, snack, or baking substitute are also what makes the gloop so great for skin care.

Jamie Schneider
August 30 2020

Halle Berry's DIY Balancing Mask Is An Easy At-Home Facial: How To Make It

We'll go ahead and presume Halle Berry is high on your list of skin goals.

Jamie Schneider
August 25 2020

How To Make Your Own Bubble Bath + 6 DIY Tips For An Extra-Luxe Soak

Brew your bath, light a candle (or three), and sink into a heavenly soak.

Jamie Schneider
August 22 2020

From 2 to 30 Minutes: Soothing Routines For Stressed-Out Skin

Follow this DIY beauty routine to relax your skin.

Chloe Schneider
August 12 2020