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Is Match.com Still The Best Dating App For Serious Relationships?

A look inside the paid version of Match.com, in case you've been curious.

Kathleen Wong
July 31

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This Seemingly Innocent Habit Can Create Extreme Imbalance In Relationships

If your partner can't complete a simple grocery run without calling you for help, read this.

Julie Nguyen
July 18

The Really Unexpected Way Chronic Stress Can Impact Your Relationships

Stress can affect how you interact with others, but it all depends on the *type* of stress.

Sarah Regan
July 10

The Best Way To Tell Someone You're *Not* Interested, From Dating Experts

Exactly what to say when you want to reject someone nicely, but firmly.

The Best Online Couples' Therapy To Better Understand Your Relationship

These outlets make it easy to get started with a therapist that works for you and your partner.