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I Love Being Single During This Pandemic: Here's Why

It seems like many people fear singlehood more than COVID itself.

Rosie Bell, M.A.
August 23

Been Cooped Up With Your S.O.? You Might Want To Take A "Solomoon"

Everyone needs alone time, especially when you've been quarantining with your partner.

Sarah Regan
August 20

From Eros To Philia, Here Are 8 Different Types Of Love

The love we feel for friends, family members, and romantic partners are all distinctly different things.

Sarah Regan
August 16

What It Really Means To Have "Acts Of Service" As Your Love Language

For some people, "I love you" is meaningless. It's all about actions.

Julie Nguyen
August 14

Empaths In Love: A Common Relationship Block For This Personality Type

Sometimes, the need to heal can get in the way of fulfilling relationships.

There Are 3 Types Of Smiles & They Each Mean Something Different

You're never fully dressed without a smile—but which type?

Sarah Regan
August 1

From Graysexual To Heteroflexible, Here's A Big Glossary Of Sexual Identities

There are more terms than ever to help you more accurately describe who you're into.