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Down On Online Dating? You Need To Try It This Way

Are you guilty of superficial swiping? We have the answer you've been waiting for!

March 15

What Is Micro-Cheating? Inside The Dating Trend Everyone Is Talking About

It may be a problem, but it doesn't have to destroy your relationship.

Leigh Weingus
March 6

What A Relationship Expert Wants You To Know About Monogamy

Plus, what it actually means if there's a lack of monogamy in your relationship.

Leigh Weingus
March 1

What Are "Back Burner" Partners?

Because science says most people have a potential partner waiting in the wings.

Leigh Weingus
February 26

The Small Tweak That Will Help You Manifest Your Perfect Partner

Your subconscious is getting in the way, but you can change that.

Laura Brown
February 18

Exactly How To Ask For The Sex You Really Want

World-class relationship expert Melissa Ambrosini breaks down how to be proactive about your pleasure.

Melissa Ambrosini
February 16