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6 Ways To Protect Yourself From Toxic People

Lindsey Smith
Written by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey Smith is a nationally recognized author, health coach, speaker, wellness icon, and blogger based in Pittsburgh, PA.

We all have that one person in our life who is always complaining. They're just like a vampire, constantly guzzling your energy! It feels like they want to suck you dry of everything and offer nothing in return.

Here are six ways to combat those energy suckers in your life:

1. Don’t let yourself get dragged into a complain fest.

Many times, these soul suckers want you to dig in and have a complete complain fest with them. However, this totally messes with your own energy. So stand up and defend your energy! Don’t give into the negative downward spiral this person wants you to go on. Instead, combat them with your PMA (that’s street talk for “positive mental attitude”).

Offer real and tangible solutions in a positive way for the person. But whatever you do — don’t let yourself fall victim to their negativity. If you consistently do this, the person will eventually realize what you are trying to do and realize they can’t bring you along to their pity party.

2. Don't spend one-on-one time with them.

If this person really bothers you, but you can’t escape, try only being around this person in a group setting. This way, you can have some backup and “crowd out” some of the negativity by focusing on the other people in the group. This also gives you a chance to leave the situation without feeling badly because other people will be there to entertain.

3. Talk about something light.

Chances are, if you start talking about school, work, boys, or important friendships — the talk can get pretty intense. Lighten the mood by mentioning a cute kitten you saw or a really nice note you received or sent to someone. Talking about lighter and more positive things can help switch the Negative Nancy into a Positive Peg. Okay, it might still take some time, but it can help you stay sane in the situation!

4. Beware of your time.

If this is someone you truly can’t escape, just be aware of how you spend your time with them. Maybe instead of planning an open-ended coffee or tea date, you instead suggest an activity that gets you moving and out by a certain time. This way, you can set a cap on how much time you are spending with them to ensure that your energy isn’t compromised!

5. Block, hide or unfriend.

So maybe that energy vampire sits on Facebook. And every day, as your scroll down your news feed, there he or she is, sucking the energy out of you. Everything is negative. And everything is a drag. Don’t let their negative attitude bring you down anymore. Simply block, hide, or unfriend them. This way, you can ensure peace of mind and a better attitude while scrolling through your feed.

6. If all else fails — send love from afar.

Sometimes there is absolutely nothing you can do to protect yourself from taking on the energy of a soul sucker. So in that case, the BEST thing you can do is release them from your life while sending them love from afar so you can continue living your life in a positive way.

Those are my six tips for dealing with an energy sucker. Good luck!

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