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The 8 Best Dating Sites & Apps For Serious Relationships In 2023

Kesiena Boom, M.S.
Updated on March 29, 2023
Kesiena Boom, M.S.
By Kesiena Boom, M.S.
mbg Contributor
Kesiena Boom, M.S., is a sociologist and writer. She has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Manchester and a master’s degree in Gender Studies from Lund University.
best apps for serious dating
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Last updated on March 29, 2023
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While popular imagination might have associated online dating with fleeting or insincere encounters in the past, we now live in a time in which meeting a long-term partner through a dating app or site "is the new norm rather than the exception."

That's according to Lori Lawrenz, Psy.D., a sex therapist at the Hawaii Center for Sexual and Relationship Health, who adds, "Many of the clients I see have met on dating apps." One 2017 study found a whopping 40% of heterosexual couples in the U.S. met online. 

Given that healthy relationships are a key part of people's well-being1, that's as good a reason as any to try your luck on the apps and see what sticks. To help you on your search for that healthy, long-term love, we've gathered the best dating apps for finding serious relationships in 2023.

The best dating app & sites for serious relationships:
  • Best for marriage seekers: eharmony
  • Best paid dating site:
  • Best for daters over 50: OurTime
  • Best free dating app: OkCupid
  • Best for men seeking women: Bumble
  • Best for women seeking men: Hinge
  • Best for queer women: HER
  • Best for Jewish daters: Jdate

How we picked:

Known for serious relationships

All these dating sites have reputations for fostering long-term love, not just easy hookups. You're less likely to run into folks just looking for something casual, or you can easily filter those people out.

Recommended by relationship experts

We asked couples' therapists and relationship experts to share which dating apps they love and recommend to their clients looking for something serious.

Active user base

There's nothing worse than being met with a "no more users in your area" message, so all of these recommendations are well-populated apps with plenty of active members.

Robust profiles

Our picks all allow you to build out a complete profile with photos, text prompts, and even audio files. This ensures that you know more about your potential match than how they look—and vice versa.

Our picks for best dating apps & sites for serious relationships in 2023:

Best for marriage seekers: eharmony

Save 20% with code:
view on eharmony


  • Extremely thorough matching process
  • Compatibility scores for every potential match
  • Lower risk of time wasters


  • Almost no capability with free membership
  • Many people still don't have detailed profiles
  • Takes a long time to set up
Compatibility: IOSAndroid
Where to browse: Mobile AppDesktop Site

For those with their sights set on getting hitched, eharmony is the surest port of call. The dating site claims to be responsible for 4% of marriages in the U.S., says couples' therapist Kyle Zrenchik, Ph.D., LMFT, ACS.

eharmony uses a comprehensive questionnaire to thoroughly map out your likes, dislikes, and values by answer more than 80 questions (and that's just to start). The company uses these answer to pair you with potential matches, which are provided with a compatibility score.

Due to the sheer amount of time needed to create your profile on eharmony—at least 20 minutes—you're less likely to run into someone that simply wants to hook up. The only downside is that your best experience, either on the app or website, will be with a paid membership; without one you'll run across a lot of blurred features and limited chat functions.

In our full eHarmony review, our testers felt it was a solid pick for those who were ready to "financially invest in finding a serious relationship," especially if other options simply aren't working for you. Luckily, you can save 20% on any membership with code MBG20.

Success story: A couple in their 50s who met on eharmony and have been married six years.

Price: Memberships are available in 6, 12, or 24 month increments. Prices start at $60/month for the most affordable membership and drop down to $30/month for the biggest bundle.

Best paid dating site:


  • The OG dating site
  • Price means everyone is serious
  • Can effectively filter out qualities you're not interested in


  • Have to pay to get anything out of it
Compatibility: IOSAndroid
Where to browse: Mobile AppDesktop Site

"If you're looking for a partner who is sure they want to be in a long-term relationship, is an opportunity for them to put their money where their mouth is," says counselor Rebecca Hartman, LMHC.

Match has been around since 1995 (that's a long time!) and is regarded as one of the best sites for finding authentic matches and love, not least because it's used by a whopping 39 million people—meaning, the odds are on your side. Unlike eharmony and its ilk, Match isn't based on a long, in-depth questionnaire, but a quicker version, which it then incorporates into its algorithm to help it understand who and what you're into as you swipe yes or no on people. (Here's our full Match review for more details.)

Price: Subscriptions start at $19/month.

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Best for daters over 50: OurTime


  • Designed for people over 50
  • Reputation for finding love, not just hookups
  • More affordable than other paid dating sites
  • Hosts community events


  • Dated interface
Compatibility: IOSAndroid
Where to browse: Mobile AppDesktop Site

OurTime is a dating site that specifically caters to people over age 50, and it comes highly recommended by certified sex therapist Heather Shannon, LCPC, CST, for older daters looking for love. The reason that OurTime is so well-suited to finding a serious relationship is because it shies away from the shallow, swipe-happy culture of Tinder and instead focuses on nurturing real connections. For example, they host events and mixers for singles to attend so that you can feel the sparks fly in person and foster a true sense of intimacy.

You can't message people with just a free version of OurTime, so to actually start connecting with people, you'll need to pay for a plan, which costs $12/month if you sign up for six months. 

Price: $19.95 per month for a month-to-month membership

Best free dating app: OkCupid


  • Free version works great
  • Queer and poly friendly


  • Need to answer a lot of questions to get the most out of it
  • Not as popular as in its heyday
Compatibility: IOSAndroid
Where to browse: Mobile AppDesktop Site

OkCupid is a great option for those who want some of the in-depthness of eharmony without having to pay for it. On OkCupid, you answer hundreds of questions about your values and opinions on everything including food, communication, sex, religion, and much more. The answers are then used to give you a compatibility score with other users. These scores are usually pretty accurate and allow you to only message people who you actually have a good chance of falling in love with.

That in-depth questionnaire is what makes this dating app a favorite of sex therapist Aliyah Moore, Ph.D. "OkCupid's full, detailed profiles let you show who you are and what matters to you. Its compatibility ratings are really helpful in helping to understand a potential date before you even meet them," she tells mbg.

OkCupid is totally free to use, though there are upgrade options that you can purchase to get even more features and filters.

Price: Subscriptions cost $35 on a month-to-month basis or $17/month if you sign up for six months.

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Best for men seeking women: Bumble


  • Relatively detailed profiles
  • Attractive interface
  • Free version works great


  • Not everyone likes the "women message first" system
Compatibility: IOSAndroid
Where to browse: Mobile App

Bumble's unique selling point is that it requires women to send the first message, the thought being that it cuts out that thing where women have to wade through 100 messages that just say "Hey, sexy." Shannon actually recommends Bumble as a great place for guys looking for serious relationships since they don't need to sweat about crafting clever opening lines that never get a response. 

Because women take the lead on Bumble, and because matches are deleted if no message has been sent within 24 hours, the environment is super conducive to actually finding true and deep connections that can lead to long-term love. According to Shannon, "You get a pretty relationship-oriented crowd on Bumble." 

Bumble profiles are also pretty in-depth for a free dating app, and you can get a lot of important info from the jump (i.e., do they want kids, do they smoke, are they religious, etc.), so you won't waste time on matches that weren't meant to be.

Success story: A couple in their 40s who matched on Bumble.

Price: The free version of Bumble does the trick, but you can pay to unlock more features if you wish. Bumble currently boasts a 4.2/5 rating on the App Store, which is based on over a million reviews.

Best for women seeking men: Hinge


  • Attractive interface
  • Cool voice note feature
  • More male than female users


  • Expensive premium version
Compatibility: IOSAndroid
Where to browse: Mobile App

"I like Hinge for its variety in prompts and short-answer responses, and the ability to send messages to someone about a particular picture or respond to a point they've made," says Hartman. Hinge also offers you the opportunity to leave little voice notes on your profile, which is honestly so important for trying to figure out if you'll have long-lasting chemistry with someone or not. Voices can be a make or break factor.

"Hinge also checks in after you've been matched with someone for a while to see if you've met and whether that person is the type of person you'd like to see more of," Hartman points out, which means that the algorithm gets smarter and is therefore more likely to get better at showing you matches over time who you will genuinely click with.

To upgrade and access premium features, you will have to part with approximately $30/month, though they're not necessary to enjoy the app.

Price: Free with premium membership starting at $30/ month.

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Best for queer women: HER


  • Dedicated to queer women
  • Hosts community events
  • Interest-based searching


  • Have to pay to unlock unlimited swipes
Compatibility: IOSAndroid
Where to browse: Mobile App

HER is the place for LGBTQ+ women and nonbinary people to find love. The app boasts 10 million users and a 4.4 rating on the app store. One reviewer thanks the app for enabling her to find her soul mate despite living in a small town, and another notes that the vibrant community features of the app enhance the experience—for example, special events and dedicated channels for different interests.

HER is good for those looking for love because it offers more than surface-level swipes as you can add a lot of different information according to the prompts the app provides. The premium version isn't necessary to match and message, but if you want unlimited swipes and to see who's liked you, then you'll have to shell out $10/month for a six-month subscription.

Price: $10 per a month with a 6-month subscription

Best for Jewish daters: Jdate


  • Proven success with marriage
  • Biggest Jewish dating site


  • Extremely basic interface
Compatibility: IOSAndroid
Where to browse: Mobile AppDesktop Site

Jdate is the No. 1 U.S. dating site for Jewish people and has been going since 1997. The site focuses on helping Jewish singles make real, long-lasting connections with each other, including marriage. In fact the site features a whole weddings section where it showcases some of the thousands of couples that the site has led toward matrimony. Jdate claims to be responsible for more Jewish weddings than all other dating sites put together. The dating site is also easy to navigate and uncluttered, with a focus on showcasing your personality rather than just your pictures.

Jdate is pretty costly: One month will set you back a whopping $60, but this comes down to $30/month if you choose to subscribe for six months. You need to subscribe to send the first message to the people you're interested in, so it's not particularly viable to stick to the free version. However, if you're Jewish and looking for intrafaith love, this dating site is probably worth the money.

Price: Starting at $60 month with bundle options reducing the final cost down to just $30 per month.

Not Jewish? Don't worry—there are comparable dating apps for religious people of various faiths, like Christian Mingle and Salams, that also have an excellent track record and great features for serious relationships.

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What makes a dating site better for serious relationships than others? 

Dating sites that require a fee, like eharmony or, can be more conducive to serious relationships than free ones, according to Zrenchik. After all, people can find hookups easily for free, so being willing to pay indicates a dedication to something more.

Dating apps like OkCupid, which have a big focus on mapping out their users' likes and personalities, are also better suited to finding a relationship than dating apps like Tinder, which mainly focus on people's appearances, notes Zrenchik.

Ultimately, what makes the most difference as to whether an app or site is good for a serious relationship is what you yourself are willing to put into the experience. If you project clearly what you're looking for, you'll be less likely to be met with people who want something different.

How to pick the right dating app for you. 

The dating market has really exploded exponentially over the last few years, and therefore you have a lot of options to choose from—which can feel a bit overwhelming. Zrenchik recommends Googling to see which dating sites and apps are most popular in the region where you live and also to even try Googling an important aspect of your identity or a favorite interest plus "dating app" to see if there are any apps that cater specifically to people like you.

You can also use the following questions to help you figure out which app might be best for you:

  • What am I looking for, and which dating app best reflects this? 
  • What does my budget for dating look like right now? 
  • Am I willing to pay for a site beyond a trial period, and how much am I willing to pay?
  • Am I good at answering questions about myself? 
  • Am I good at showcasing my personality mainly through words or through pictures?
  • Do I only want to date someone who shares my religion? 
  • Do I want to know a lot about someone before I meet up with them, or do I prefer more of a mystery? 
  • Do I have the time to answer an in-depth questionnaire about myself?
  • Do I want to use an app that's geared specifically toward LGBTQ people?


What dating app has the most successful relationships?

eharmony and OkCupid both claim to have strong track records for producing successful relationships. eharmony claims to be responsible for a not insignificant 4% of U.S. marriages, while OkCupid claims to have the most mentions in the New York Times wedding section of all dating apps. 

Which free dating site is best for serious relationships?

OkCupid, Hinge, or Bumble are all good choices for free dating apps where you're likely to find people looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right rather than Mr. or Mrs. Just-for-tonight. 

What is the most legitimate dating site? can credibly take this honor, as it's arguably the first-ever dating site and has been going successfully since 1995. 

What is the most successful dating site for men?

Bumble is a place where men can really thrive, as the "woman has to message first" feature evens the playing field and encourages a rethink of traditional gender roles—something that many women really appreciate.

Do paid dating sites work better?

Sometimes people need to put their money where their mouth is, as Hartman notes, and it's certainly the case that it can be worth paying for those who want something more substantial than a one-night stand. However, it just takes meeting that one special someone, and that can absolutely happen on one of the free dating apps. 

The takeaway

Dating apps and online dating in general really are viable and exciting ways to find love, no matter your age or orientation. Love could be just a swipe away, so brush up your profile, fine-tune your flirting skills, and get ready to fall head over heels.

What we updated:

1/19: We added compatibility for iPhone and Android, as well as clarification on whether a dating app also provided website access. We also added screenshots of all the dating apps, including their UX for sign-ups, matches, and chatting. That way you can get an idea of what an app looks like before you sign up.

3/3: We separated out the cost of the membership from the rest of the content to help readers easily find the best free dating apps. We also added links to our dating content about couples who met online.

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Kesiena Boom, M.S., is a sociologist and writer. She has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Manchester and a master’s degree in Gender Studies from Lund University.