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6 Reasons Why a Home-Yoga-Party Can Be a Good Alternative for a Girls Night Out

Iris Josephina
May 11, 2012
Iris Josephina
Written by
May 11, 2012

Girl #1: "Girls, we should do something again together."

Girl #2: "Yep, that’s true, it has been such a long time! What shall we do? Go to a club or to the movies?"

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I think we are all kind of familiar with this scenario.

And of course, these can all be super-nice things! But instead of putting alcohol in our beautiful bodies why not opt for some yoga? Plus, I always end up drinking when I'm in a club...I never seem to be able to turn down that mojito:

Liz: "Iris, come on, we’re in a club, I'm buying."

Me: [Me thinking:] "Liz just bought me a $15 cocktail...FIFTEEN?...Oh well. Okay, why not!"

And the next morning I always regret it. The mojito, the clubbing, the high heels… Why wouldn’t we feed ourselves with prana in the presence of our favorite divine women? On the floor, in cosy clothing, with herbal tea afterwards.

Here are six reason why a home-yoga-party can be a good alternative for a wild night in a club or watching a movie. It doesn't matter if everyone in the group practices yoga either. In fact, it can be a fun way to introduce your girlfriends to yoga.


Just like dancing in a club, yoga can be very connecting. Only you are not dancing in a circle, connecting with random men who seem to like your dance moves. Instead, you are doing suryanamaskaras and you are connecting to the hearts of your girlfriends. You are consciously connecting with the beautiful women that surround you, right there on your fluffy carpet in the living room.

2. Yoga makes you LAUGH

And yes, being on a fluffy carpet (or a wooden floor, or on your mats), all standing upside down, breathing very loudly, can be funny and heart-warming. In a tight space you might accidentally almost bump into the as(s)ana of your best friend, which will make you giggle for sure.

3. Yoga makes you OPEN UP

When you practice yoga you feel your heart open up. In my experience, this also means that I am open for a good, warm conversation with my friends after my practice.

4. Yoga makes you SHARE

When you practice together, you can share your experiences on the mat. But also, because you are opening up, you tend to share experiences off the mat also more easily. You’ll notice that a “problem” you think you're having isn’t that much of a problem at all.

5. Yoga makes you LOVE

You are open, your heart is calm, and you are surrounded by your favorite Goddesses...Of course your heart will overflow with love!

6. Yoga can be a very good reason to see each other more often :)

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Iris Josephina
Iris Josephina

Iris is a cycle awareness educator, anthropologist, doula and writer of Menstrual Revolution (summer 2016). She's the founder of Cycle Seeds and passionate about women's rights, yoga, taking care of our mother earth, dancing, traveling and cooking.