7 All-Natural Tips For Rebooting Your Sex Drive

Integrative Medicine Doctor By Aviva Romm, M.D.
Integrative Medicine Doctor
Aviva Romm, M.D. is both a midwife and an Internal Medicine and Board Certified Family Physician with specialties in Integrative Gynecology, Obstetric and Pediatrics, with a focus on women’s endocrinology.
7 All-Natural Tips For Rebooting Your Sex Drive

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Are you wondering whether your sex drive is low? And whether there’s anything you can do about that? Well, sister, you’re not alone…

Literally millions of women of all ages struggle with concerns and questions about their libido. As a Functional Medicine physician specializing in Women’s Health, my job is to help you get to the root of the problem – and find solutions

If you used to be much more interested in sex, have noticed a decline in your desire, and want to feel that spark and desire again, there are solutions!

1. Work with an integrative physician, nurse practitioner, or naturopath who can help you sort out whether you have underlying medical, nutritional, and lifestyle imbalances that might be dampening your desire. Your care provider can also help you with treatments for vaginal dryness, pelvic or vaginal pain, and other physical obstacles to enjoying your sex life!

2. Tend to stress with relaxation techniques, improved sleep, and necessary lifestyle changes.

3. Deal with the side effects of medications. Cease and desist alcohol overconsumption (an occasional glass of red wine, however, can stimulate desire).

4. Do at least two things every day to make yourself feel sexy, a surefire way to fan your flame! This can be wearing slinky underwear (even if only you know about it), wearing red, treating yourself to a delicious sensual bath or… you name it!

5. Get into individual and/or relationship counseling, or work with a sex therapist. The Association of Sex Therapists, Educators, and Counselors is a respected organization. Their website will help you find a therapist in your community.

6. Use foods, herbs, and supplements that safely enhance libido. Many of these work by supporting your nervous system or regulating your hormones. Foods rich in zinc, including oysters, pumpkin seeds, toasted wheat germ, and dark chocolate boost libido, as do maca, ginseng, shatavari, ginkgo, and oatstraw. All of these may be taken alone or in combination, or as liquid extracts, capsules, or pills.

7. Yoga poses can help stimulate your libido and enhance pelvic health. Exercise in general can invigorate your sexual energy.

Before I even think about prescribing hormones, I really want to get to the heart of the matter with a woman. Actually, there is no definition of what constitutes “normal” libido, or how often you “should be” wanting to have sex. It’s up to YOU to decide what’s normal for YOU. And there’s no connection between having a low sex drive – that is, not thinking and fantasizing about sex on a regular basis — and enjoying sex when you do have it. So if your level of sex drive isn’t bothering you, and it’s not getting in the way of your partner’s satisfaction in the relationship or enjoying sex, you may not have a problem at all!

You see, a very savvy and profitable medical industry has sprung up around convincing women that our libido is low, then offering us the very drugs that will fix our problems! This idea is unwittingly reinforced by the oversexualization of women in the media at nearly every turn. So a lot of us think we have a problem that we really don’t have. You can read more about this in the fabulous book Sex, Lies, and Pharmaceuticals by Ray Moynihan.

Hormonal therapies such as testosterone and estrogen can be considered, but these treatments can have side effects and are usually reserved for when a little extra help is needed.

A healthy sex life is an important part of overall health. But remember, there is no external measure of what counts as a healthy sex drive. What counts is what is healthy and satisfying to YOU.

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