My Daily Philosophy: Yoga, Sex, and a Nap

Written by Carrie Herzner

I have a very simple philosophy: I believe there are three things you’ll never regret doing. In a perfect world, each day would include all three: Yoga, Sex and a Nap.

Let’s start with yoga. Yoga encourages the flow of positive energy, heightens body awareness, reduces stress and improves your mood. It stretches and strengthens your mind, body and spirit. Yoga is both invigorating and calming. Practicing yoga requires you to tune in to how your body feels. It inspires awareness of all that is around you, and confidence in your body. Confidence in your body equals confidence in yourself. Yoga also boosts libido and the ability to orgasm. But more on that later….

Naps. Why is it we only insist the young and sick take them? Many older, wiser people take one every day. So, why do most humans between the age of twenty and sixty forgo this simple necessity, often viewing naps as something for the lazy and the weak? Naps increase your energy, alertness and memory. A quick nap can give birth to fresh creative ideas. Naps also reduce stress, quiet the mind and refresh the spirit. Whether it’s ten minutes or an hour, when was the last time you woke up from a nap and thought, “Oh, I wish I hadn’t taken that nap?”

Sex. I’m talking about passionate, healthy “I love you” sex. Sex full of love, desire, respect and intimacy. Sex reduces stress and boosts immunity. Orgasms are believed to raise your oxytocin levels – the "love hormone." This hormone is known to lower blood pressure, boost immunity and fuel positive social interaction. Sex also allows us to take time out of our often hectic schedules to connect and strengthen the emotional bond with our partner. When you take time to intimately express the love you have for each other, you also tune in to the love you have for yourself. That, in turn, inspires you to see and feel all the love the world has to offer, and the love you have to give back.

Yoga, sex and a nap. Individually, they all inspire creativity and awareness, set your body and spirit aglow, and strengthen the mind body connection. There’s a Zen quality to each. My advice? Be bold. Aim for all three, daily. You won’t regret it.

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