How Yoga Helps Kids Deal With Stress (Infographic)

Despite the conveniences of the modern world, kids don't necessarily have it as easy as we might think. With obesity on the rise, increasing school workloads and other demands of extracurricular activities, many children are unhealthy and stressed out as a result.

Many schools and other community programs have already begun implementing yoga classes to youngsters, noting myriad positive effects that the practice has on these fast-developing bodies and minds.

Yoga helps kids become more aware of their bodies through healthy movement, while increasing their confidence and allowing them to feel part of a nourishing, non-competitive group.

They'll also learn to manage their everyday stress through breathing and meditation. Not to mention, yoga will also serve an opportunity to disengage from constant attachment to electronic devices.

As we continue to examine the potential benefits that a practice like yoga can have on our children, cynicism may still hinder our ability to be fully open-minded to this idea.

Fortunately, the author and illustrator Lakshmi Gosyne of A Yoga Story For Kids,designed what has become a widely-popular infographic, that answers all of our questions about what yoga can do for today's kids.

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