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16 Fun Ways To Say "I Love You"

Allison Cohen, LMFT
mbg Contributor By Allison Cohen, LMFT
mbg Contributor
Allison Cohen, LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist based in California. She received her master's degree in marriage and family therapy from Pepperdine University and has over 12 years experience empowering individuals and couples to achieve their best selves.

Few sentiments carry the kind of weight that the three little words, “I love you,” does. But what happens when you say them so much that they start to become expected and lose meaning?

This signals a need for action. Whether you're watching your pennies, or living a life of luxury, conveying your love should never have to break the bank. Check out these creative (and inexpensive!) ideas below to start showing your partner just how much you love them.

1. Take the time to mail your love a thoughtful card.

Getting this kind of mail is always a sweet treat, especially when we’re used to seeing bills and advertisements instead. If you don’t live together, it can be a little reminder that you are thinking of your partner when you're apart. It’s even more fun when you live together and the return address lists your very own home!

2. Make a memory deck of your time together.

Grab an old deck of cards. Paste a fitted, blank piece of paper to every card. Write down a special memory from your time together on each. Punch holes in the left, top corner and bind it with a ribbon or shoe string. You’ve now created a personalized, highlight reel for your mate to relive, time and time again.

3. Start an adventure fund.

Once a week, skip your coffee or lunch out and bank the extra dollars to save towards a special night out or vacation. Tell your partner about it to get him in on the plan or save it as a big surprise and blow them away with how thoughtful you are.

4. Email a song you know they love.

Pay attention to your significant other’s favorite type of music. Is there a song that she recently commented on enjoying? Purchase that MP3 and email it as a little treat.

5. Make a love calendar.

Conflicting, busy schedules can lead to forgetfulness. Create a calendar just for your partner’s important meetings, plans and goings on so that you can remember to wish them well or check in after the fact.

6. Give him a meaningful greeting.

After a long day, it’s easy to unplug and tune out, but this can lead to a dangerous disconnect over time. When your partner walks in the house, drop what you’re doing and greet him at the door. Give a real kiss and embrace. Creating this habit does wonders for the long term and sets the evening off right.

7. Call in a delivery to her office.

Place an order to have your partner’s favorite lunch delivered to her office. She may be too busy to sit down with you to eat in that moment, but she'll be thinking of you all day, knowing that you put in the effort to do something that she'll truly appreciate.

8. Leave notes in unexpected places.

Many couples are proficient at leaving “I love you” notes around the house. Amp it up by leaving them in surprising places that will give your significant other a smile or a laugh (like in the glove compartment, pants pockets, coffee mug, inside the shower door).

9. Plan the entire day in advance.

Answering the question, “What should we do today?” can be tiresome and monotonous. Take away the burden by coming up with prearranged suggestions for meals and activities. Your partner will love the mental break!

10. Support a cause you know matters to him.

Make a donation (big or small, as the dollar amount doesn’t matter) in his name, to his favorite charity. You end up supporting your loved one as well as helping to make a difference!

11. Do one of her favorite activities with her.

Join your mate for a hobby that she feels passionately about. Take a lesson, read an article to educate yourself or tag along for her favorite activity, from time to time. Even if you don’t particularly enjoy or excel at it, you send the message that you want to be more of a team and care about your partner’s interests.

12. Help them with his chores when you notice he's exhausted.

Help your significant other lighten his load by doing his chores or running errands for the day. He will feel refreshed, appreciative and that energy will get transferred to your relationship!

13. Create a compliment jar.

Nothing fancy required! Use a Mason jar, mug, box or container and write down specific, sweet, endearing thoughts about what makes you love your special person. Present the jar to her with the caveat that she can only read one per week. The anticipation will be thrilling for both of you. Add more as the thoughts arise and the content of the jar decreases.

14. Write a sexy list.

Take some time to think about what turns you on about your partner. Contemplate everything from emotional to physical qualities. Write them down, put it in an envelope and wrap it in gift paper. Leave it for him to find.

15. Make a gift certificate.

This isn’t your typical freebie for a good restaurant or a movie! What’s even more meaningful is a handmade gift certificate for the things your partner would love more of in your relationship. Is it a quiet dinner with no distractions? A foot massage? Perhaps more physical intimacy? Whatever it may be, you know your partner best and showing her this fact will really ignite your connection.

16. Start a blog.

Writing doesn’t have to be for the masses. Pop over to Wordpress or Blogger and sign up for your very own, (free!) blog where you can write and trade sweet messages with your partner. Set your preferences to “password protected” and no one will be able to read your thoughts except for the two of you. This will be your special place to share thoughts about each other, your relationship, experiences together and dreams for the future.

Remember that the killer combination lies in your ability to take action and utter that very special phrase, but when you want to break the mold, get creative and seek novelty, you’ll have a convenient little list to get you started!

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