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Andrea Jordan

We Answer It Once & For All: How Fast Does Hair Really Grow?

Hey, Google, how much does hair grow in a month?

Andrea Jordan
April 17 2021

The Soothing Botanical Oil That Will Give You Supple Skin In No Time

It's no secret that oats can do wonders for our skin. Now enter oat oil.

Andrea Jordan
March 23 2021

6 Bath Time Upgrades That Are Perfectly Customized To Your Needs

6 Upgrades For Your Bath Time Routine

Andrea Jordan
December 7 2020

6 Ways To Unwind At Home, Any Time Of Day

We’re here to share easy-to-follow ways to prioritize self-care, quality time with loved ones, and maintaining a healthy mental space.

Andrea Jordan
November 20 2020

Serums, Oils, Creams, Oh My! The Difference Between Your Skin Hydration Products

Typically, there are three parts to a moisturizer: a humectant, an emollient, and an occlusive.

Andrea Jordan
October 13 2020

Routine Refresh: 5 Ways To Protect, Restore & Rebalance Your Skin Come Fall

Plus, a few self-care tips to incorporate a little self-love into your day-to-day routine.

Andrea Jordan
September 22 2020

Guayusa Tea Is A Caffeine Alternative To Coffee — But Is It Healthy?

Guayusa has long been consumed by Amazonian Indigenous tribes and is now becoming popular in the U.S.

Andrea Jordan
August 22 2020

Why This Multitasking Oil Should Be Part Of Your Beauty Routine

It's native to India, and beauty brands are catching wind of all of its benefits including anti-aging, balancing moisture, and speeding up the healing...

Andrea Jordan
July 30 2020

Here's Why Vitamin F Is The Answer To Tackling Dry & Aging Skin

There's a slew of skin care vitamins that remain tried and true.

Andrea Jordan
July 22 2020

Can Essential Oils Help Hair Growth? Here's What The Research Says

These days it seems like essential oils (EO) are solutions to pretty much everything.

Andrea Jordan
July 15 2020