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Uh, Is Laser Hair Removal Safe? Let's Chat Side Effects, Pain Level & Myths

Considering there are actual lasers involved, you may be wondering.

Andrea Jordan
September 2 2021

The Secret To The Brighter, More Even Complexion You've Been Waiting For

It's the answer to the brighter, more even skin tone you've been dreaming up for years.

Andrea Jordan
July 25 2021

Should You Avoid This Skin Care Ingredient? Cosmetic Chemists & Derms Weigh In

Should you steer clear of this ingredient altogether or hoard every product that has it listed on the label?

Andrea Jordan
July 22 2021

This Lesser-Known Oil Is Coming For Your Hair Care Routine

Make some room in your hair care collection: This nourishing oil is worth a spot.

Andrea Jordan
June 20 2021

Here's Exactly How To Stop Hair Breakage, Once & For All

If there's one thing that can make having a good hair day nigh impossible it's dealing with hair breakage.

Andrea Jordan
May 29 2021

8 Tips To Perfect Your Summer Skin Care Routine, According to Derms

The sun is shining, temps are rising, and that can only mean one thing—summertime is upon us.

Andrea Jordan
May 27 2021

How To Do Perfect At-Home Pedicures: An Easy Step-By-Step Guide

There's something about getting your nails done that just makes you feel special.

Andrea Jordan
May 21 2021

The Soothing Botanical Oil That Will Give You Supple Skin In No Time

It's no secret that oats can do wonders for our skin. Now enter oat oil.

Andrea Jordan
March 23 2021