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I'm A Plus-Size Yogi. Here's What I Hate About The Yoga Community

In our new Realtalk Fitness series, we're sharing the realities of being a fitness instructor today. We know it takes a lot of effort to create a...

Alisha Waterman
December 3 2015

I'm A Yoga Teacher. Here Are 5 Things Yoga Teachers Get Wrong ALL The Time

Teachers will tell people what they want to hear and usually sell them a product that might not deliver on its promises.

Ariana Rabinovitch
November 24 2015

How To Practice Yoga So That You Stop Struggling In Life (And On The Mat)

Often, how we approach our yoga practice is representative of how we live our lives. Sometimes we can see things in our yoga practice that might not...

Michael Taylor
November 6 2015

I'm A Yoga Teacher. Here's What I Hate About The Yoga "Community"

In our new Realtalk Fitness series, we're sharing the realities of being a fitness instructor today. We know it takes a lot of effort to create a...

Derek Beres
November 4 2015

A 30-Second Yoga Sequence For A Better Butt

Booty, buns, fanny, caboose, hump, tush, ass. So many different names for the one body part everyone wants to tone and tighten. By far, the largest...

Cat Van Haayen
October 22 2015

You Don't Have To Love Everyone (But Here's How To Be A Better Person)

“There is only one. Sub ek — it’s all one. See God everywhere. Don’t get angry. Tell the truth.” That advice from guru Maharajji helped American...

Chris Grosso
October 22 2015

5 Steps For A Stronger Chaturanga Pose

I teach vinyasa-style yoga, mostly intermediate levels and regularly in a room heated to 100 degrees with additional humidity. I see all shapes and...

Ahlia Hoffman
October 13 2015

5 Ways To Make Your Space As Zen As This Breathtaking Yoga Studio

When your just-opened yoga studio is featured in the New York Times and Vogue, it'd be easy to let it go to your head. Yet that is so not the case at...

Gabrielle Frank
October 9 2015

4 Yoga Stretches To Do On Your Next Flight

I'm always astounded by how horrible my body feels during and after a flight — even after the short ones! I'm a short person, but I still feel cramped...

Kim Sin
October 2 2015

Try This 2-Minute Yoga Workout To Beat Stress & Anxiety

There is no point in trying to ignore stress. Doing so will likely just make you more anxious. In my upcoming book, RETOX, I dedicate an entire...

Lauren Imparato
October 1 2015

What I Tell Every Yoga Teacher Who Wants To Advance To The Next Level

After several hours of sequencing and sun salutations, you are a 200-hour registered yoga teacher. Your eyes have been opened! You’ve studied the...

Lisa Greenblatt Binderow
September 30 2015

Why You Should Never Cut Out Of Your Yoga Class Early

If you have practiced yoga with an instructor, you have likely heard him or her say that the final relaxation pose (savasana or corpse pose) is the...

Ahlia Hoffman
September 27 2015

10 Beautiful Yoga Poses On Instagram (Just In Time For National Yoga Month!)

Since September is National Yoga Month, we asked all of our @mindbodygreen Instagram followers to snap a photo of their favorite yoga pose and share...

Gabrielle Frank
September 22 2015

6 Reasons You'll Fall In Love With AcroVinyasa Yoga

The art of acrobatics and yoga have been around for a very long time. These practices have so much to teach humans about trust, surrender, clear...

Claudine and Honza Lafond
September 22 2015

2 Common Yoga Practices That Can Lead To Injuries

A friend of mine recently wrote about experiencing knee pain in his yoga classes, which got me thinking. As a guide and resident healer at Strala Yoga...

Michael Taylor
September 21 2015

5 Ways To Play With Dancer's Pose

Dancer's pose can seem daunting in its traditional form — especially to yoga newbies. With these variations, we shift the view of the pose to one of...

Anika De Vore
September 5 2015

The One Prop You Need To Add To Your Yoga Routine

Sometimes yoga props get a bad rep. This is not always the case, and it’s not true for all form of yoga. There are actually some styles that are built...

Shauna Harrison
September 4 2015

A Relaxing Yoga Sequence You Can Do In Bed

I love to sleep. My life encourages me to burn bright most of the time, so I fully embrace rest whenever I can take it. Though sleep isn't the only...

Kathryn Budig
August 31 2015

3 Renowned Yoga Teachers On Why They're Wearing White For Yoga

Editor's note: On September 2, 2015 in NYC, Central Park's Great Lawn will be adorned by 10,000 yogis dressed in white. The Lolë White Tour is a free...

August 30 2015

A 10-Minute Yoga Workout To Strengthen Your Core

Editor's Note: In this short clip from mindbodygreen's course, The Complete Guide To Yoga featuring Tara Stiles, you'll see a few yoga moves to build...

Tara Stiles
August 27 2015