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A 1-Minute Yoga Sequence To Help You Unwind

Long day? Relax with 60 seconds of yoga.

Lauren Imparato
February 12 2016

A Yoga Sequence To Tone Your Core

A 60-second yoga video to help you build a strong core.

Lauren Imparato
February 11 2016

Stretch Your Entire Body With This 60-Second Yoga Sequence

All it takes is 60 seconds to stretch and wake up your entire body.

Lauren Imparato
February 9 2016

A Quick Yoga Sequence To Help You Start Your Day

Everyone has 60 seconds to spare. This week, use it for some quality yoga.

Lauren Imparato
February 8 2016

Why Easygoing Yoga Is Our Best Hope For Weight Loss

Yoga isn't about forcing your body into uncomfortable positions.

Tara Stiles
February 5 2016

10 Yoga Sequences For Every Mood

However you're feeling right now, we have the best yoga sequence for YOU.

Gabrielle Frank
January 31 2016

I Tried Hotpod Yoga ... And Didn't Hate It

I'm a London-based yoga medicine teacher, and when it comes to yoga, I'll try anything. So when I heard about Hotpod Yoga, the fitness studio that...

Alice Blunden
January 25 2016

You'll Never Believe How Many Americans Are Yogis

If you haven't noticed, everyone is doing yoga these days, from inmates to football players — and Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance have the...

Gabrielle Frank
January 14 2016

4 Easy Yoga Poses To Practice At Your Desk

You don't have to practice yoga for hours on end. A yoga routine can be as short or as long as you'd like — and you can practice wherever you want,...

Lauren Imparato
January 4 2016

10 Yoga Poses, 15 Minutes

Have you ever felt short on time and wished you could get the benefits of a strong, challenging yoga class in just a fraction of the time?

Kim Sin
December 31 2015

12 Kid-Friendly Yoga Poses To Focus And Destress

Yoga offers a plethora of benefits for both adults and children, including improved mental focus, enhanced discipline, physical fitness, better...

Teresa Anne Power
December 30 2015

I'm A Plus-Size Yogi. Here's What I Hate About The Yoga Community

Over the years I tried to attend yoga regularly, only to feel completely out of place and unwelcome.

Alisha Waterman
December 3 2015

I'm A Yoga Teacher. Here Are 5 Things Yoga Teachers Get Wrong ALL The Time

Teachers will tell people what they want to hear and usually sell them a product that might not deliver on its promises.

Ariana Rabinovitch
November 24 2015

How To Practice Yoga So That You Stop Struggling In Life (And On The Mat)

Often, how we approach our yoga practice is representative of how we live our lives.

Michael Taylor
November 6 2015

I'm A Yoga Teacher. Here's What I Hate About The Yoga "Community"

While I love the hustle and study, I’ve found certain aspects of the yoga community frustrating.

Derek Beres
November 4 2015

A 30-Second Yoga Sequence For A Better Butt

Booty, buns, fanny, caboose, hump, tush, ass. So many different names for the one body part everyone wants to tone and tighten.

Cat Van Haayen
October 22 2015

4 Yoga Stretches To Do On Your Next Flight

I'm always astounded by how horrible my body feels during and after a flight — even after the short ones! I'm a short person, but I still feel cramped...

Kim Sin
October 2 2015