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24 Defense Mechanisms We Use In Relationships, According to Therapists

Are you using a defense mechanism to avoid letting people in?

#stress #anxiety #toxic relationships
Kelly Gonsalves
September 1 2022

I'm A Couples' Therapist & This Is The Single Most Important Love Lesson I Teach

Not enough people talk about this, and yet it's at the heart of nearly every unhealthy relationship dynamic.

#toxic relationships #soul mates #marriage #dating
Jordan Dann, LP
August 23 2022

One In 5 People Has This Unhealthy Relationship "Personality Type" — Do You?

Are you always worried about your partners leaving you? Read this.

#dating #toxic relationships #anxiety
Julie Nguyen
August 21 2022

There Are 4 Types Of Cheating In Relationships: Are You Guilty Of Any Of These?

Cheating is very subjective, but there are a few categories of behavior that may cross the line.

#toxic relationships #breakup #dating #marriage #divorce
Kesiena Boom, M.S.
August 19 2022

This Is Why You Suck At Setting Boundaries, From A Therapist

Said with love!

#friendship #dating #toxic relationships
Sarah Regan
August 18 2022

9 Signs Of A Toxic Family & How It Can Affect You, From Therapists

Watch out for these family red flags.

#toxic relationships
Sarah Regan
August 14 2022

When Forgiveness Feels Impossible, Here's How To Move Forward

Forgiveness is just as much a gift to yourself as it is to them.

#friendship #dating #marriage #toxic relationships #forgiveness
Sarah Regan
August 12 2022

Watch Out For This Harmful Habit The Next Time You're Arguing With Your S.O.

You can graciously apologize, or you can get defensive.

#friendship #dating #marriage #toxic relationships
Sarah Regan
August 10 2022

Don't Ignore This Sneaky Sign You're Going Through A Spiritual Awakening

A lot of things change.

#friendship #toxic relationships
Sarah Regan
August 1 2022

Don't Like Your Friend's Partner? Think Twice Before Telling Them, Study Says

Plus how to do it the right way.

#toxic relationships #friendship #news
Sarah Regan
July 27 2022

Should Kids Come First? This Marriage Counselor's Advice Might Surprise You

Many parents prioritize kids first, then their relationship, then themselves. Experts want you to reconsider those rankings.

#marriage #motherhood #toxic relationships

This Seemingly Innocent Habit Can Create Extreme Imbalance In Relationships

If your partner can't complete a simple grocery run without calling you for help, read this.

#toxic relationships #marriage #dating
Julie Nguyen
July 18 2022

Is Someone Gaslighting You? 28 Ways To Spot This Form Of Manipulation

It can be hard to spot in the moment.

#dating #marriage #friendship #toxic relationships
Sarah Regan
July 12 2022

Do You Avoid Deep Intimacy In Relationships? You May Have This Attachment Style

If you tend to avoid letting people get too close, read this.

#dating #toxic relationships #single life
Julie Nguyen
July 11 2022

How Do You Respond When A Friend Talks Negatively About Their Body?

It's not a healthy conversation to engage with.

#friendship #toxic relationships #body positivity
Sarah Regan
June 30 2022

12 Signs You're Dating An Immature Person & What To Do Next, From A Psychologist

No. 2: An unwillingness to take personal responsibility for anything.

#dating #marriage #toxic relationships

18 Subtle & Unexpected Signs Of Anger Issues, From Psychologists

Anger is a normal human emotion, but when it starts to cause harm to ourselves or our relationships, it's important to take a step back and assess.

#toxic relationships #stress
Nafeesah Allen, Ph.D.
June 14 2022

Want A Long-Lasting Relationship? Aim For This Magic 5:1 Ratio, Experts Say

This is one thing happy couples have in common, according to relationship researchers.

#dating #marriage #toxic relationships
Kelly Gonsalves
June 12 2022

6 Practical Ways To Set Better Boundaries Around Your Time, From A Psychologist

Always running out of time? A psychologist offers some solutions.

#friendship #toxic relationships #stress #energy

The Relationship Red Flags (& Green Flags) We Need To Teach Kids To Look For

We should be teaching young people to spot this stuff from the get-go.

#dating #toxic relationships #single parent
Kimberly Wolf, M.Ed.
June 2 2022