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Not Every Relationship With A Narcissist Is Toxic, Study Finds: What To Look For

As it turns out, not every narcissist will ruin your life.

#toxic relationships #dating
Kelly Gonsalves
March 31 2023

What Are *Your* Red Flags? How To Do A Self-Assessment, From Therapists

Modern dating culture has taken the concept of red flags and run with it.

#toxic relationships #dating #single life
Hannah Frye
March 31 2023

11 Qualities That Make A Truly Good Friend, From Relationship Experts

Plus, signs of a bad friend to watch out for.

#friendship #toxic relationships
Sarah Regan
March 27 2023

Do Opposites Really Attract? What The Research Actually Tells Us

Turns out, "opposites attract" doesn't exactly hold up when you look at the research.

#dating #marriage #soul mates #toxic relationships
Tianna Soto, M.A.
March 26 2023

Always Sacrificing Yourself For Others? You May Have This Underlying Complex

Are you being helpful... or playing the martyr?

#friendship #toxic relationships
Nafeesah Allen, Ph.D.
March 25 2023

The Subtle Sign That You're A Bad Listener In Relationships (& How To Fix That)

We're all guilty of this from time to time...

#dating #marriage #toxic relationships #friendship
Kelly Gonsalves
March 19 2023

Why Compatibility Isn't Always A Good Thing, From A Marriage Therapist

Let's talk about "compatibility."

#toxic relationships #dating #single life
Kelly Gonsalves
March 16 2023

Are You Being Manipulated? 20 Red Flags To Look For, From Therapists

It can start subtly, but ultimately erodes your sense of self.

#dating #marriage #toxic relationships
Julie Nguyen
March 12 2023

The Huge Red Flag To Watch For When Dating Someone New, From A Therapist

Sometimes we're attracted to people for the wrong reasons.

#dating #toxic relationships
Sarah Regan
February 28 2023

The Common Way People Unconsciously Self-Sabotage Their Own Relationships

All of us do this sometimes.

#dating #marriage #toxic relationships
Jordan Dann, LP
February 26 2023

This Is Why It's So Hard For You To Trust People In Relationships—& How To Heal

Trust is harder for some people, and there's a reason why.

#dating #toxic relationships #anxiety #marriage
Tianna Soto, M.A.
February 24 2023

These Are The 7 Most Common Reasons For Lying, In Case You Were Wondering

No. 1 might surprise you.

#toxic relationships #dating
Sarah Regan
February 17 2023

Are "Situationships" Always A Bad Thing? What Dating Experts Want You To Know

It's not a relationship—it's a "situationship." Is that so bad?

#dating #single life #toxic relationships
Julie Nguyen
February 15 2023

I'm A Professional Intuitive & This Is How Empaths Can Avoid Codependency

It happens more often than you'd think.

#dating #toxic relationships #marriage
Tanya Carroll Richardson
February 14 2023

When You Should Break Up With Your Boyfriend (& When You Shouldn't)

When should you break up with someone vs. when should stay together and try to work on the issues? Therapists weigh in.

#breakup #dating #toxic relationships
Kelly Gonsalves
February 10 2023

What's Your Zodiac Sign's Love Language? An Astrologer Breaks It Down

How each element approaches the art of love.

#astrology #dating #toxic relationships
Carolyne Faulkner
February 8 2023

9 Early Signs Of Cheating You Shouldn't Ignore, According To Experts

Don't overlook these early warning signs.

#toxic relationships #breakup #dating #marriage #divorce
Julie Nguyen
January 24 2023

How I Healed From PTSD & Learned To Feel At Home In My Body Again

I once thought I’d never feel at home in my body again, and every day, I’m grateful to be here. 

#Mental fitness #toxic relationships #Invisible Illness

Think You've Found Your Twin Flame? Here's A Quiz To Find Out

Plus signs to watch out for.

#dating #toxic relationships
Sarah Regan
January 20 2023

This Sign Could Have The Most Difficult Relationships In 2023 — Is It Yours?

Is there such a thing as too many admirers?

#dating #toxic relationships #breakup #astrology #astrology yearly
Sarah Regan
January 7 2023