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Spring Cleaning

The Spring Cleaning Routine An Organizational Coach Swears By

If it settled on a surface, wall, or fridge during winter, it's time to clean it out. 

Maeve Richmond
May 4 2022

5 Things Your Houseplants Want You To Do Now That It's Spring

Plants are finally starting to grow again after being dormant for the winter.

Sarah Regan
April 5 2021

A Room-By-Room Guide To Refreshing Your Home For Spring

Make those dormant spaces in your home come alive with this spring guide.

Emma Loewe
April 5 2021

The "New Year's Eve" Of Astrology Is This Weekend — Here's How To Prep

March 20 is the start of Aries season—and the astrological new year.

Sarah Regan
March 19 2021

3 Rituals To Do Now That We're Officially Halfway Through Winter (!)

The next six weeks are all about coming back into balance.

Sarah Regan
February 6 2021